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SupraPod Attendees – John Hanton’s 1000+BHP GTR R35

SupraPod Attendees – John Hanton’s 1000+BHP GTR R35
George Trout
  • On June 27, 2012

We asked for some big BHP cars, and that is exactly what we got!!

John Hanton’s 1000+BHP Severn Valley MotorSport @ Suprapod!( Nissan GTR R35Nissan GTR R35

Nissan GTR R35 Specs

Nissan GTR R353.8 Blue Printed High Revving Engine
Increased Rod Length
Custom Piston Height
New Piston Rings
2nd Key Way Cut in Crank
Greddy Head Gaskets
Nissan General Gasket Set
Nissan Bearing Set
ATi Crank Damper Pulley
Fully Balanced Bottom End
AMS A/C Delete Pulley

Nissan GTR R35
Ported & Polished Heads
280′ Camshafts
Ferrara Titanium Valve Springs
Ported Centre Valley
NGK Racing Spark Plugs

SVM Radiator
SVM Bar & Plate Intercooler inc 80mm Pipe Work
SVM Breather System
AMS 4 Bar Map Sensor

Nissan GTR R35

AMS Alpha 12 Turbo Kit
GTC 102mm Titan Exhaust System
SVM Fuel System

OS Giken Super Lock Rear LSD
Albins 1st Gear Upgrade
3 Mechanical Circlip Upgrade
Willall Racing Diff Brace
GTC 16 Plate Clutch Upgrade

Nissan GTR R35

AP Cobb Nis 6 with Custom Tune by GTC Racing

Interior Stripped Out
850 Spec Roll Cage
Cobra Imola GT Bucket Seats
Scroth Racing Harnesses

18″ Speedline Wheels (As Used by Aston Martin in the GT Championships)
M&H Drag Radials

Nissan GTR R35

AP J Hook Discs Front and Rear
CarboTech XP10 Brake Pads