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Customers Cars – We’ve insured the Kraken….

Author: George Trout
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Those with a keen eye will have already noticed my being a life long fan of the Toyota Supra - I recently got very excited to find that Safely Insured have insured a very special one indeed....The specification list is so long I have had to put it at the end of this article!

PERFORMANCE:- 955 flywheel HP 700 ft/lb torque...

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During my ownership of my Supra I was an active member of the website and whilst looking over the forum I subscribed to one amazing build thread in particular. The thread consists of over 300 pages and it was clear to see just how intricate and beautifully carried out the work on this car was. It was the car that the rest of us dreamt of and aptly nicknamed The Kraken...

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Everything on this car has been uprated, replaced, trimmed and tidied up to the highest quality.

Built by:

Mapped by: Ryan @


Pictured (above) next to another of our customers cars.

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Could this list be any longer??


  • Engine bay has had all holes filled and smoothed
  • Fully rebuilt and balanced engine
  • Stock crank
  • 86.5mm Mahle pistons
  • BC pro series rods
  • ARP main studs
  • ARP 625+ rod bolts
  • ARP L19 head studs
  • Clevite bearings throughout
  • New Toyota oil pump
  • New Toyota water pump
  • All new seals and gaskets
  • Modified oil-ways
  • Modified water ways
  • Ported and polished gas flowed head
  • Ferrea dual valve springs
  • Ferrea titanium retainers
  • Ferrea valve stem seals
  • BC 264 cams
  • Titan crank pulley
  • Hks cam pulleys
  • Gates blue timing belt
  • Greddy Lightweight Aux pulleys
  • A/C removed
  • Stock oil cooler delete
  • SBA-Tuning oil cooler setup
  • Titanium exterior engine bolts
  • Garret GT47-80 T6 turbo
  • Virtual works racing T6 manifold
  • Twin tial 44mm wastegates
  • 6″ intake
  • -3AN Teflon wastegate lines
  • Virtual works Custom 4.5″downpipe
  • SBA-Tuning Custom 4″ midpipe
  • HKS supperdrager catback
  • Genuine Veilside Plenum,
  • Genuine Veilside throttlebody
  • Genuine Veilside fuel rail
  • SBA-Tuning throttle cable bracket
  • 5″ Greddy 4 row intercooler
  • SBA-Tuning 4″ intercooler pipework
  • 2 x turbosmart raceport BOVs
  • DEI turbo blanket
  • DEI Titanium heat wrapped manifold and downpipe
  • Titec carbon Intercooler plate
  • Chrome rad clamps
  • Chrome bonnet hinges
  • Chrome bonnet hooks
  • Large Alloy Radiator
  • Custom top water elbow
  • Custom -24AN braided top water pipe
  • Custom lower water elbow
  • PHR electric fans with oversized cable and overide switches
  • Custom white engine hoses
  • Relocated White braided brake lines
  • White braided clutch line
  • Polished brake master cylinder
  • Polished clutch master cylinder
  • custom brake/clutch shield
  • Cryo intercooler spray
  • SBA-Tuning big breather kit
  • polished PAS tank
  • Relocated alloy overflow tank
  • Relocated fusebox in glovebox
  • Relocated washer bottle in boot
  • Relocated optima battery in boot
  • Full SBA-Tuning custom wiring loom


  • ID1000 injectors
  • Twin Bosch 044 fuel pump
  • SBA-Tuning fuel hanger
  • -10AN braided Teflon feed line
  • -6AN return
  • Aeromotive FPR
  • Jay Racing -10AN fuel filter


  • 6 speed getrag conversion
  • OEM dual mass flywheel
  • DC-Automotive custom clutch
  • Large casing LSD
  • Short shifter
  • Solid shifter mounts


  • Full TRD widebody kit
  • Full respray in 2 pack paint, Toyota super white
  • TRD spoiler with carbon blade
  • Carbon deck spoiler
  • Seibon carbon AB-Flug bonnet
  • Lockable bonnet Aerocatches
  • Rear wiper removed and blended
  • Rear washer removed and blended
  • Genuine Veilside mirrors carbon skinned
  • Facelift rear lights
  • Facelift front indicators
  • New windscreen
  • New rear quarter glass
  • Car is fully undersealed


  • BC coilovers
  • D2 8 pot front brakes
  • K-Sport 4 Pot rear brakes.
  • 356mm discs all round
  • Teflon Braided brake lines all round


  • I-Forge extreme lip split rims
  • 19×10 fronts 19×12 rears
  • Continental, contact 3 tyres
  • 275/3019 front 315/25/19 rear


  • Recaro seats retrimmed in black Raven leather
  • Bride seat rails
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • White Cusco rear cage
  • Custom rear brace bar
  • White Tein rear strut bar
  • Black carpet
  • Black roof lining
  • Custom dash panels
  • Dash retrimmed in grey alcantara


  • Syvecs S6 ECU
  • Syvecs Knock detection
  • Syvecs boost solenoid
  • Syvecs oil temp sensor
  • Syvecs oil pressure sensor
  • Syvecs fuel pressure sensor
  • Syvecs Inconel EGT sensor
  • Syvecs MAP sensor
  • Syvecs rolling anti-lag
  • CAL switches for swapping maps
  • Race technologies dash2 digital dash
  • Race technologies CAN BUS interface
  • Defi control unit 2
  • 80mm defi boost gauge
  • 60mm defi BF oil pressure
  • 60mm defi BF oil temp
  • 60mm defi water temp
  • 60mm defi fuel pressure
  • 60mm defi EGT
  • 52mm AEM wideband
  • Border top glovebox gauge pod
  • Greddy A-pillar pod
  • JVC AVX 820 headunit
  • iPod connectivity
  • Focal K2 components
  • Hertz mono block amp
  • Hertz 4 Channel amp
  • 2 x Hertz SPL 10″ subs

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