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Japfest 2

Japfest 2
George Trout
  • On August 20, 2014

Having one huge event is generally enough for most event organisers but Japfest is simply so big across Europe it needs a second event…We went to Donnington over the weekend to see what was going on at the flagship Japanese Motor Show – Japfest 2.

A look I’m used to seeing on the Euro cars but, and maybe slightly naïve of me but didn’t expect quite so many beautifully stanced Jap cars:10426273_10152615896346070_5858588813596480675_n10612610_542347855867457_6868392231204615453_njtyjtyjty610374853_10152615869446070_1744881237342316342_n

Aero was the word when the Time attack weapons came into sight. Every time I see these cars on track I can’t help thinking how aggressive they look – these are Serious cars!

2 (2) 1 (2) 10405477_10152664896853331_4566239080908269000_n Track-time-photography-985x630-6

A special mention for Customer and friend of Safely Insured – Amy Slade’s famous Clarion sponsored and awesome Nissan 350z was on show of course and looking as immaculate as ever!


There were of course a couple of other very nice Zed Cars… (when I say a couple I obviously mean an awful lot!)


I’m quite a big fan of all things a bit OTT too, nothing quite like unique and extreme styling, Rocket Bunny haven’t got anything on this lot…well Ok they do have some arches on the Scooby.

new  10418255_817254951618360_475453939516088886_n 10569078_823419804358901_5582738410718151326_n

Much like the Mustang on show at Ford Fair this year, there had to a show stopper here and whilst there are a handful of potentials there was absolutely no question of doubt that this classic Skyline, with the rich heritage that followed caused a stir. Sensational condition of such an iconic car…I wonder where we would be without it.


994484_542476432521266_8030377917966528863_n 10622959_810226908995691_857763629046916512_n 10632591_824031030964445_7034097000697340334_n

Would sir like a bit more Skyline with that Errr Skyline…

And as if that wasn’t enough, they bought the Drifters down! I simply can’t get enough of this lot and seeing them compete in the Maxxis British Drift Championship is always a great day out but there is something about the car show demonstrations that never ceases to make me smile…

10384533_261759224034136_7149786733314385347_n  10559915_823006441066904_7529240381764549030_n



I can see why they run two events now!

Credits to for their photo’s.

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