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Ferrari Owners’ Club – Goodwood Trackday Meet

Ferrari Owners’ Club – Goodwood Trackday Meet
SafelyInsured Editor 1

Glorious Goodwood“Would you like to come with me to the Ferrari Owners’ Club meeting at Goodwood tomorrow”.

That’s how it started. Out of the blue David, a Sky client and now friend, rang me up and offered a day out and drive in his recently purchased Ferrari 360 Modena. I replied with a very quick ‘Yes please’ and that’s how I found myself helping David carefully reverse out of his garage, sans breakfast the next morning and heading out on the clear roads bathed in glorious sunshine.

Two David’s, two pairs of sunglasses and two slightly fuggy minds and one super clean and bright red 360 Modena.

A283 beautiful tree covered lane with sunshine and blue skies smiling down on you The trees change to a deep purple as you pass Goodwood race course, darker wood as you pass Goodwood house and then on to the motor circuit. Down through the famous tunnel and were here.

Ferrari Pit Lane at Goodwood
Ferrari Pit Lane at Goodwood

Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari

We met Gary Dean, the national secretary, who was very welcoming and went to view from the pit lane.

Goodwood Ferrari Day 360 concourse engine bay 360 cream interior, manual

Ferrari's waiting to go
Ferrari’s waiting to go

David was soon away chatting to friends and having admiring conversations over his concourse 360 Modena. Cream interior, hardtop manual only about 300 ever made and 10 in the uk of that spec!

Beautiful Ferrari’s on View

I then met William Moorwood who’s been racing his Ferrari on his own for over 20 yrs! You’ve got to see his car, it’s living history!

William Norwood Ferrari interior
William Moorwood Ferrari interior

Will's one man racing team
Will’s one man racing team

After walking over to the other side of the track David met up with Kevin Peters who owned a concourse winning Daytona for 8 years and did Spa in the rain with it – a real enthusiast! We had a really interesting chat about the changing face of Ferrari ownership and how the values of some of the cars now are changing the scene.

Click here for more photos of some of the Ferrari’s on show today

I was then introduced to Nigel and Shirley Chiltern-Hunt the chairman and secretary of the Hertfordshire branch of the Ferrari Owners’ Club. They were really lovely people who were very welcoming to a new member on the scene.

Waiting to go

Then more racing and chat. Then a Detamasso Pantera arrived which turned some heads but which was hurriedly moved on by a club steward as the area was Ferraris only!

Panterra - move!

Then the day was over and we headed back through Petworth on the A285 still In glorious sunshine to catch the rolling hills of West Sussex onto the A3 and M25 home.

driving home


My thanks to everybody I met, the Ferrari Owners’ Club itself and special thanks to David for the invitation. A grand day out!

Pure Class



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