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What driving habits drive you crazy?

What driving habits drive you crazy?
Tina Playle
  • On October 21, 2016

Do you consider yourself a good driver? We’re guessing that you do, and that you have a list of pet peeves of bad driving habits you have seen in other road users. Does your list match up with ours?

A recent survey from has revealed what bad driving habits annoy other road users the most. More 52% of people have admitted to having potentially dangerous driving habits, yet despite this 27% claim to be the best driver they know. A further 37% say that they are sure that they are a better driver than their partner.

We believe that modified and performance drivers are safer drivers overall due to the care and attention they put into their cars – so it must be even more frustrating when you see other drivers behaving badly. We want to know what bad driving habits annoy you the most! Scroll down to vote in our poll, or if something else annoys you, let us know on Facebook.

Do you have any bad driving habits?

Are there any behaviours that you don’t admit to? Some drivers have confessed that they drive better when they have a passenger in the car. Among the bad driving habits people claim to have seen/be irritated by, are:

  • Texting while driving – 60%
  • Throwing rubbish out the car window – 51%
  • Driving without shoes – 13%
  • Singing while driving – 31%
  • Smoking at the wheel – 48%
  • Eating at the wheel – 54%
  • Ramming into another car during a fit of road rage – 7%

View the infographic below for the full facts and figures and then vote in our poll to choose the worst driving habit.

Driving Habits

What is the worst driving habit?

Vote in the poll below or comment on our Facebook page!

What is the worst driving habit?

Driving too fast
Driving too slow
Driving too close to other vehicles (tailgating)
Texting while driving
Using a phone or hands free kit
Checking phone notifications
Eating at the wheel
Smoking at the wheel
Throwing rubbish out of the window
Hogging the middle lane

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