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Top presents to buy for a young driver

Top presents to buy for a young driver
Tina Playle
  • On December 4, 2018

Ah, Christmas. We just love the lights, the pigs in blankets, the family time, but most importantly the PRESENTS!

We’ve put together a Christmas list of the top presents to buy for a young driver!

Hopefully this will help anyone looking to buy a present for a new driver, or maybe even young drivers who are looking to bulk out their Christmas lists…




Seeing as the colder months are never-ending, it’s always handy for a young driver to have an ice scraper. Not the most glamourous present, but they’ll be thanking you in those cold mornings to come!





A dashcam is a must-have gadget not just for new drivers, but any driver! A dashcam can prove hugely beneficial in an event of a claim. Some can even keep an eye on what’s happening to your car when you’re not around. If you’re looking for a practical present to buy for a young driver, look no further!



For the young driver with a questionable sense of direction, a sat-nav is a brilliant present.

We advise checking the reviews of any sat-navs you’re eyeing up though. Otherwise you might end up being led to a river!

Cleaning accessories


Know someone who treats their Corsa like a Bentley? For some young drivers, their first car is their pride and joy. Help them keep their car pristine by buying them a bunch of cleaning accessories! From vacuums to polishes, the choice is endless!


Aux lead


Young drivers usually buy their cars second-hand due to the cost. This might mean their car  is lacking high-tech Bluetooth technology. Help them out by gifting them with an Aux lead to help them listen to their favourite tunes! If their car hasn’t got an AUX input, why not go retro and make them a mixed CD?


Car freshener


Air fresheners are great presents to buy for a young driver! The best thing about air fresheners are the MASSIVE range of them! You can even buy some with your own face on them.


Car Insurance


One of the best gifts (in our opinion) a young driver could receive is the gift of being able to get on the road as soon as possible.

We provide black box insurance for all those newly passed young drivers.

The concept of black box insurance is simple. A tracking device is fitted to the car and monitors driving performance. That data is then collected to form a driving score. Drivers with a good score will be on track to save money on their next insurance premium. Drivers with lower scores will be offered tips and advice from our specialist young driver team.

You can get a price estimate in just a few minutes by providing a few basic details here

We hope we gave some great gift inspiration for this Christmas. Remember to drive safe if you’re travelling during the festive season!

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