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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Safely Insured | April 25, 2024

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Modified, Import & Performance Car Insurance

Modified, Import, and Performance Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance is different to standard car insurance as it requires an insurance specialist with knowledge of the technicalities of car modifications and specifications of parts. Here at Safely Insured, we have a dedicated team of experts who can design your specialist motor insurance so you’re covered in the event of the unthinkable happening.

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Modified Car and Modified Van Insurance

Modifications can mean something as little as adding alloy wheels or a spoiler, or something as extravagant a turbo conversion. This can add value, increase theft risk, make it more difficult to find replacement parts and mean that the driver is categorised as higher risk. This is why insurance providers term modified cars or vans as non-standard vehicles, and the insurance premiums are higher.

Safely Insured believe that modifications indicate that the driver is more likely to take care of their vehicle, so the premiums should be set accordingly. We also offer:

  • Introductory Discounts
  • Discounts and Special Rates for Members of our Car Club
  • Second Car Discounts
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Like for Like Modification Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

Purchase Your Modified Car Insurance with Us Today

So if you’re looking for competitive rates on your modified car or modified van insurance, then you need look no further. We at Safely Insured are considered experts in the field of modified car insurance, so you’re in good hands.

Contact us on 03303 331 251 or request a call back today and get a quote for your modified car insurance with the best in the business. We also specialise in the following non-standard car insurance markets:- imported car insurance, performance car insurance, prestige car insurance, sports car insurance, hot hatch insurance and engine swap car insurance.


Call03303331251 Call03303331251