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Black Box Insurance

If you are between the ages of 17-25 Black Box Car Insurance can save you money whilst monitoring your driving to help you get off to a safe and cost efficient start.

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Safely Insured's Black Box Insurance offers;

  • Premiums based on Mileage Required
  • Safe Driving Rewards & Discounts
  • Quick Black Box Fitting

Young drivers are finding it notoriously expensive to insure their cars - particularly if they have just recently passed their driving test and they are looking to take out insurance for the first time. The main cause of the high premium is the number of claims caused by young drivers - and this boils down to poor driving skills and a lack of driving experience.

Some young drivers are very good drivers, but unfortunately are being categorised as 'high risk' due to the accident levels of others in their age group, which is highly frustrating. If you are one of those drivers, Black Box Insurance is perfect for you, as the insurance company is simply saying to you 'prove it - show us you are a low risk driver' and we will reward you with discount premiums accordingly.

What is Black Box Insurance?

Black Box Car Insurance not only helps young drivers to reduce the price of insurance, it also helps to monitor driving, offering very helpful driving tips, so you can to get off to a safe start.

Black Box Insurance, otherwise known as Telematics Car Insurance differs from a standard car insurance policy. A 'black box' is fitted to your car's dashboard and this which collects data about;

  • Your location:

for theft recovery and your mileage usage.

  • Monitors your driving performance:

The black box sensor with gather data from your driving performance, giving you the chance to prove that you deserve to pay less for your insurance when it comes to renewal.

How The Black Box Works

A SIM card sends information to your personal online driver dashboard. Your driving data will produce a driving score which you can review online whenever you like.

Your Checklist

Before the black box is fitted:

  • You will need both parts of your full UK driving licence. Including the photocard licence and the counterpart.
  • A signed proposal form to show your agree that your policy information and information is correct.

What’s Included In Your Quote

  • The fitting of the black box
  • Your annual insurance policy
  • Online access to your 24/7 unique driver dashboard

How Will You Be Rewarded for Safe Driving?

If your driving score reflects safe driving when it comes to renewing your insurance after a year with us, you will see a significant reduction in the rate you are quoted.

From Our Blog - How Much Can Black Box Insurance Save You?

Below is part of an article on our Blog about two Safely Insured employees who are currently experiencing the advantages of Black Box Insurance. For the full article, click here.

Hear it for yourselves…from two Young Drivers at Safely Insured

Safely Insured have a dedicated Young Driver insurance department and not only do they highly recommend black box insurance, many of the staff actually have the telematics system installed on their own vehicles and are reaping the benefits of this new type of insurance policy for young drivers

Ollie Neville is an 18 year old driver who is currently benefiting from the Black Box Insurance. Upon initial conversations with Ollie, when asked what first made him want to take out a Black Box Insurance policy Ollie explained that cost was a huge factor. Ollie confirmed, "After seeing a huge reduction in my first annual premium, I knew this was the insurance policy for me." He explained the box was quick and easy to fit, at a location suitable for him, at a time convenient to his schedule.

The benefits don’t just stop at the financial rewards. Ollie went on to explain that he also thought the scheme was beneficial in respect of improving your driving ability. With the use of an online report system, not only can he view how well he is driving, he can also keep track of where he is going wrong and make the necessary changes to ensure his areas for improvement are continually being worked on. In effect, the better he drives, the better the quote he’ll receive upon his annual renewal.