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Customer Car: Honda FD2 Type R

Author: Joe Mackay
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Tom’s Honda FD2 Type R is another one of our customer cars with a special feature in our Limited Edition pack of Safely Insured Trump Cards. Visit our website to see the full deck of cards!

In our interview with Tom, we take a behind-the-scenes look at his motivations for buying his FD2 Type R, and his journey of transforming it into a unique masterpiece.

We kicked off our chat with Tom by asking him to give us some background on his beloved Honda.

Tom revealed that he's no stranger to Hondas. In the past, Tom had an EP3 and two DC5s, so this isn't his first Honda Civic. However, the FD2 Type R held a special place in his heart. "I've always admired the FD2 for its exceptional handling, which I believe surpasses all other Honda Civics," he explained, “I've always been fascinated by how different Japanese tuning houses, like Mugen, Spoon, J's Racing, Seeker, and FEEL's, approach aero and modifications for the FD2. I've always loved FEEL's styling, so the goal was to buy some bits, and very soon those “bits” snowballed into a full-blown FEEL's Catalogue FD2!”

This one-of-a-kind FD2 is bound to turn heads, as it's far from your average car. Tom shared some of the reactions he's received from others: "People have mistaken it for a 4-door Integra, an Evo, and even a 'what's that!' Considering the build's uniqueness (world's first FEEL's FD2), I understand that those unfamiliar with Hondas or JDM cars might be puzzled."

Tom completed his FD2 project in September, but we were curious about his future plans for this exceptional vehicle: “My plan is to enjoy it! It's been a two-year passion project with every component imported brand-new from Japan. So, for now, I just want to put some miles on it and maybe participate in a select group track day next year.”

Honda FD2 Type R

FEEL’S Modifications

As you might expect, this Civic is kitted out with some pretty unique modifications. Tom told us to give all credit to ‘BHP Imports’ in Newcastle, as they had an instrumental role in sourcing all the mods from Japan and meticulously executing the entire project over the past two years.

Lucky for you, Tom has shared the full list of modifications that this FEEL’S special has undergone over the two-year transformation:

  • FEEL's Front Sports Bumper
  • FEEL's Front Sports Bumper Under Panel
  • FEEL's Front Sports Bumper Side Fins
  • FEEL's Vented Bonnet (Twill Weave Carbon)
  • FEEL's 1600mm Twill Weave Rear Wing / Twill Weave
  • Bracket FEEL's Rear Diffuser Single Exit Muffler (Twill Weave Carbon)
  • FEEL’s Rear roof spoiler ( Twill Weave Carbon )
  • FEEL's Rear Fog Light LED (Twill Weave Carbon)
  • FEEL's Carbon Trunk ( Twill Weave Carbon )
  • FEEL's 20mm Overfenders
  • FEEL's Rear Fender Extensions
  • FEEL's Rear Skirt Spoiler Ducts
  • FEEL's ECU Case
  • FEEL's Inlet Manifold Cover (Twill Weave Carbon)
  • FEEL’s Engine mount set
  • FEEL’s Braided Clutch line
  • FEEL's Oil Cap
  • FEEL’s Radiator
  • qweqe
  • FEEL’s racing box
  • FEEL's Radiator Cap
  • FEEL's 6sp Shift Pattern Sticker
  • FEEL's 6sp Shift Knob
  • FEEL's Sticker Set
  • Ecutek mapped with TPW Engineering - 258bhp

Honda FEELS FD2 Type R

Other Modifications

  • Clear rear Octagon lights
  • Oem Type R Grill badge
  • Toda Decat Pipe
  • Toda Flywheel
  • 70mm full Titanium JDM Custom Exhaust
  • AME Tracer TM02 18x9.5 ET12 5x114.3
  • AME Tracer TM02 18x8.5 ET45 5x114.3
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 5 255/35R18 (F)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40R18 (R)
  • AME Tracer TM02 Centre Caps
  • Enkei wheel nuts
  • Michelin Tire Decals
  • GruppeM RamAir System
  • Tein Flex Z Coilovers
  • Spoon Rigid Collar Kit (Front)
  • Spoon Rigid Collar Kit (Rear)
  • Cusco 28mm Front Anti Roll Bar
  • Cusco 23mm Rear Anti Roll Bar
  • APP Titanium brake kit – 6 piston kit
  • AP Racing 8000 pads
  • Bomex Carbon radiator panel
  • Hardrace Camber arms
  • Hardrace tie rod ends
  • Eibach Camber bolts
  • ALX Racing carbon fuse box cover
  • M&M Reinforced Clutch Pedal
  • Mugen Semi Bucket Seat MS-Z
  • Mugen seat belt covers
  • Mugen Assist Meter
  • Bride RO Rail (Passenger)
  • Bride RO Rail (Drivers)
  • Mugen Assist Meter
  • J’s Racing Torque Damper
  • Js Racing carbon steering wheel
  • Js Racing shift boot ring
  • Stradale Alcantara shift boot
  • Backyard Special Shift Mechanism
  • M&M Honda Aluminum Shift Bracket Rigid Collar
  • M&M Honda Aluminum Shift Wire Rigid Collar
  • Okuyama Carbing passenger foot rest
  • Tide of time Titanium bonnet prop
  • Chasing Js Titanium Gradient colour plug cover
  • Chasing J’s Titanium power steering cover
  • Chasing J’s Titanium brake reservoir cover
  • Chasing J’s Titanium clutch reservoir cover
  • Chasing J’s Titanium Rocker cover washers
  • Chasing Js Titanium dust caps
  • Micronobium Titanium hard intake pipe
  • Seeker Super Shift Collar
  • Seeker Dress Up Mirror
  • Seeker Super Wide Blue Mirror
  • Seeker Aero Wiper Blade
  • Alcantara Honda MXST console cover

A huge shout-out to Tom for allowing us to share more about his passion for

JDM cars and allowing us to showcase his remarkable Honda Civic Type R.

If you want to see more of this car, be sure to give him a follow on Instagram @feels_fd2

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