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Safely Insureds – Employee of the Year!

Safely Insureds – Employee of the Year!
George Trout
  • On December 4, 2013

We are pleased to announce the winner of Safely Insured Employee of the Year is Luke Tillbrook in our Personal Lines department.

Luke was very pleased to receive the award which was voted for by Safely Insured staff and nominated by Safely Insured Directors.

This award is to recognise an outstanding employee with the following attributes:

Productive, exhibits commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities and is an asset to the staff of his/her department.

Is willing to take initiative and accepts and carries out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments.

Is consistently dependable and punctual in reporting for duty, completing assignments on time, and participating in additional responsibilities.

Portrays a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, and customers and serves as a role model for others.

Exhibits exemplary service in daily work of the individual and notable contribution to a department.

Exhibits a willingness to work in a team setting within and/or outside of his/her assigned department.


As an award, Luke received a Christmas Hamper packed full of goodies, which he’s already started tucking into!  Luke, alongside his fellow nominees was also treated to a slap up lunch by Directors Mike and David.

Here’s a picture of Managing Director Mike Daly congratulating Luke.

(Click image to enlarge)

luke mike (3)

Luke is on the left, Mike on the right

Well done Luke!

It is also worth showing some of the feedback that Luke receives via our affiliated car club forums and social media accounts, these snippets of feedback are just the tip of the iceberg.  If you are a car club member and would like to speak to Luke directly then please feel free to email your contact details to [email protected]

“Full credit to Safely Insured (Luke Tillbrook), I spoke to them today for a quote and although they were a tiny bit more expensive than my current insurer I am going to be going with them due to the fact they were much more helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!”

 “Just thought I would post up to say I have switched to Safely Insured in the TT. I phoned up actually thinking that they wouldn’t be able to quote for me with an “L” postcode but was very pleasantly surprised. Now I know a lot of cars on here are modified but mine does kind of stretch that to the limits (I actually have a word document that lists all the mods which certainly helps out in these conversations). Anyway, everything was declared (the only way to do it) and the quote came back offering me a 3 figure saving on my renewal price. And for the record I dealt with a chap called Luke who was really helpful during the quotation process, and then when I needed a couple of days to consider my options he didn’t pester me (big thumbs up!).

Unsurprisingly when I rang to cancel, my old insurers popped me on hold and then managed somehow find it in their hearts to match the price, but I dont really work like that, so I cancelled and switched over to Sky.
Lets hope I dont need to call them again until next year 🙂 So big thanks to Luke and Safely Insured – I can put the money I saved into petrol and enjoy driving my TT a bit more.”

 “Thanks to Luke for beating my Admiral renewal by £100 and making the whole process very easy. It’s reassuring to get such a great personal service and to know you’re dealing with like-minded people. Thanks guys!”