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Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance is different to standard car insurance as it requires an insurance specialist with knowledge of the technicalities of car modifications and specifications of parts

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Here at Safely Insured, we have a dedicated team of experts who can design your specialist motor insurance policy so you are covered in the event of the unthinkable happening.

What Is Modified Car Insurance?

Modifications can mean something as little as adding alloy wheels or a spoiler, or something as extravagant a turbo conversion. This can add value, increase theft risk, make it more difficult to find replacement parts and mean that the driver is categorised as higher risk. This is why insurance providers term modified cars or vans as non-standard vehicles, and the insurance premiums are higher.

Safely Insured believe that modifications indicate that the driver is more likely to take care of their vehicle, so the premiums should be set accordingly.

We also offer:

  • Introductory Discounts
  • Discounts for Affiliated Car Club Members
  • Second Car Discounts
  • Limited Mileage Discounts
  • Like for Like Modification Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

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So if you’re looking for competitive rates on your modified car or modified van insurance, then you need look no further. We at Safely Insured are considered experts in the field of modified car insurance, so you’re in good hands.

Safely Insured Customer Car of the Year Competition 2024

The Safely Insured Customer Modified Car of the Year competition is back, and we’re even more excited than ever to showcase the incredible talent and dedication of our modified car community.

Read more about the competition over on our blog, and have a look at the entries below!

Check out the 2024 finalists...

Dale's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Dale's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition is a heavily modified powerhouse.

Pumping out 417.9bhp, this Evo is a force on the road. Extensive engine upgrades, a larger turbo, and a free-flowing exhaust system deliver serious power - while a beefed-up cooling system ensures everything stays in control. Upgraded suspension components sharpen handling, and the stripped interior hints at the focus on pure performance.

Thanwa's Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

Thanwa's Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R is built for pure driving pleasure. This isn't your stock Skyline - under the hood lies an Abbey Motorsport built engine pushing out 512bhp, force-fed by Garrett turbos and breathing through a free-flowing HKS exhaust. A Link G4+ ECU ensures everything runs smoothly, while a full Nismo body kit adds aggressive aesthetics. Tein coilovers tighten up handling, and Rays Volk Racing wheels complete the performance package.

Inside, a Kenwood sound system provides the soundtrack, but the true joy comes from the way this R33 GT-R handles. A driver's car brimming with character and feedback.

Jake's 1964 Pontiac Catalina

Jake's 1964 Pontiac Catalina is a sun-baked survivor, a true desert warrior with a story to tell. Its 6.4L Pontiac V8, a classic American engine, might not boast record-breaking horsepower, but it delivers honest power and likely a wonderful rumble.

As for the body; years under the merciless Arizona sun have baked away the paint on the upward facing surfaces, leaving a unique, textured finish. It's a testament to the car's resilience and a conversation starter at every show.

Chris' Toyota Supra A80 HKS

Chris Vincent's Toyota Supra A80 HKS is a driver's dream. This 3.0L beast pumps out 350bhp, begging for open-air thrills. Wrapped in HKS goodness: Nardi steering wheel, Bride Eurostar seats, and floor mats - the interior complements the iconic Blitz Technospeed Z1 alloys.

Chris loves nothing more than the pure roar of the engine, especially with the roof down. This Supra is pure performance and heritage, ready to carve up the road.

Will's Volvo 940

Will's lovingly restored 1996 Volvo 940 is a head-turner. Its 2.3L turbocharged engine delivers classic Volvo performance complemented by a host of stylish upgrades. A 3-inch custom exhaust lets everyone know it's coming, while BC Racing coilovers lower the stance for a more aggressive look.

The eye-catching 17-inch gold JR6s wheels and Nardi steering wheel add a touch of class both inside and out - but the true charm of this Volvo lies in the wave of nostalgia it evokes, sparking memories for everyone who encounters it. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of these Swedish wagons.

Check out the rest of the 2024 entries...

Colin's Ford Focus RS

Colin's Ford Focus RS is a head-turning example of hot hatch modification.

A performance-focused overhaul equips the RS with an intercooler and a free-flowing exhaust system for a serious power boost. For enthusiasts, KW coilovers and upgraded brakes ensure precise handling and confident stopping power.

The exterior features a custom widebody kit, WRC-style bonnet vents, and a comprehensive aerodynamic package from AutoSpecialists Design and Maxton Design, whilst the interior boasts a touch of luxury with an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel and gear knob.

Rebecca's Nissan 350z

Rebecca's Nissan 350Z packs a visual punch with a head-turning two-tone paint job and aggressive body kit. Amuse bumpers with StreetAero accents flank the car, while a prominent "Phat Duck" spoiler and Invidia exhaust outlets complete the exterior transformation. Sitting on lowered H&R suspension and concave JR3 wheels, this 350Z pairs both style and performance.

The interior features heated leather seats and a driver-focused setup with a Vertex wheel and quick-release hub, with subtle custom touches like a shifter and gear gaiter.

Gemma's Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Gemma's Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurburgring Edition is a heavily modified hot hatch that turns heads.

This 1.6L turbo boasts a custom exhaust with heart-shaped tips, ensuring it leaves a memorable impression both visually and audibly. AirLift Performance air suspension allows for a dramatic stance adjustment, while custom painted Veemann wheels and headlights further personalise the exterior, which complement the unique VW tartan Recaro interior, and performance upgrades like an Airtec intercooler.

Samuel's Audi S3 V8 Sportback

Samuel's Audi S3 8V Sportback is a head-turner built for show and go.

The exterior features a full Vegas yellow respray with Air Lift air suspension for a dramatic stance, and custom-built West Forged wheels. Unique touches include a platinum grey US grill (which Samuel believes to be the only one in the UK) and colour-matched Maxton Design body kit.

The interior boasts a starlight headliner, custom yellow accents, and a functional boot build with an air tank and tire inflator. Performance upgrades include a Ramair induction kit, turbo muffler delete, and a custom valved exhaust for added power and sound.

Luke's Toyota Mark II T836UEE


Luke Stanley's Toyota Mark II T836UEE isn't your average workhorse.

This 2.5L turbocharged beast packs a surprising punch with a hybrid turbo, performance exhaust, and an induction kit, putting out an estimated 300bhp. Lowered coilovers and upgraded wheels complete the package, hinting at the fun lurking beneath the practical exterior.

Despite its modifications, Luke's Mark II serves as his daily driver, offering a blend of practicality, power, and that all-important soundtrack.

Brett's Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R

Brett's Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R is a tuner's dream, a legendary Japanese sports car meticulously crafted for performance.

Upgraded with a forged engine, HKS turbos, and a Link ECU - Volk GTC wheels and Nismo suspension keep it glued to the road, while a Veilside titanium exhaust adds some decibels.

The special colour completes this unique and exhilarating machine.

Will's Ford Fiesta ST2

William's 2014 Fiesta ST2 roars with performance thanks to a stage 2 intercooler, stage 3 intake, and a 240bhp remap fueled by 99 octane.

JR11 gold wheels and a vented forged carbon bonnet with gold flake add undeniable curb appeal, and the custom LED steering wheel, meticulously crafted to his specifications, showcase this one-of-a-kind hot hatch.

James' Ford Focus RS MK3

James' Ford Focus RS MK3 isn't your everyday hot hatch; this machine boasts a 2.3L EcoBoost engine pushing 400bhp thanks to a Mountune M400R package.

The upgrades extend beyond just power - a Mountune short shifter ensures smooth gear changes, and a KMS valved exhaust lets James control the sound. Every detail, from the induction kit to the roll restrictor, is crafted for peak performance.

George's BMW 3 series 325Ci Coupe

George's BMW 3 series 325Ci Coupe is a sweet ride for anyone behind the wheel. The naturally aspirated 2.4L engine puts out 190bhp, offering the flexibility to cruise calmly or unleash some power. Upgraded HSD coilovers likely tighten up handling and give the car a more assertive stance. With plans for future aesthetic touches, this BMW is already a blast to drive. It can be enjoyed for a relaxed sunday drive or pushed for a playful slide - a versatile choice for any enthusiastic driver.

Daniel's Ford Focus RS MK2

Daniel's Ford Focus RS MK2 is a meticulously crafted hot hatch focused on pure performance. Upgraded BC Racing coilovers enhance handling, while an Airtec oil cooler and intercooler ensure optimal engine temperature during spirited driving.

A high-flow fuel pump and injection system work in harmony with a Spec R induction kit featuring a Cosworth filter to feed the power hungry engine. The crown jewel is the REVO Stage4+ map, transforming the 2.5L engine into a formidable 445bhp powerhouse.

Qasim's Vauxhall Astra VXR

Quasim's pride and joy is a heavily modified 2008 Vauxhall Astra VXR. This mean machine boasts a 2.0L turbocharged engine pumping out an impressive 541bhp and 456 lb-ft of torque, turning the stock Astra into a true performance vehicle.

Built to Quasim's exact specifications, every detail reflects his vision and passion for this car. It's a perfect example of how car modifications can transform a vehicle into a true reflection of its owner's desires.

Ceri's Ford 2.5T Duratec RS

Ceri Morgan's Ford Focus RS is a meticulously crafted performance machine, pushing out 1026bhp. Upgraded internals, a Precision turbocharger, and a twin-plate clutch handle the surge in power. A comprehensive cooling system, upgraded fueling, and an EMU computer ensure optimal performance. BC Racing coilovers sharpen handling, while AP Racing brakes provide superior stopping power.

The interior boasts a luxurious Alcantara retrim and a touchscreen EMU controller. Aggressive bodywork with splitters, a large rear wing, and a vented hood complete the transformation.

Emily's Vauxhall Astra H VXR

Emily's 2022 award-winning Vauxhall Astra H VXR is more than a Safely Insured Customer Car Competition trophy winner; it's a symbol of resilience.

Packing a performance punch with an induction kit, intercooler, and 300 bhp remap, it's a thrill to drive. Upgraded suspension and Brembo brakes keep things sharp, while custom touches like starry night lights add a personal flair.

But the real win for Emily is the happiness this car brings her, a constant reminder of strength and a story of love sparked by a shared passion for motoring.

Alejandra's Dacia Duster

Alejandra's Dacia Duster is a unique blend of practicality and off-road capability. This reliable 1.6L petrol model stands out from the crowd with its aftermarket touches: tinted windows, lifted springs for better ground clearance, wider tires for improved grip, and stylish steel wheels. Wind deflectors, a stone chip deflector, and protective body trim enhance its durability, while mud flaps add a touch of ruggedness. Even the interior boasts unique modifications, showcasing Alejandra's personal touch. This Duster proves that modifications can enhance both style and function, creating a car that's as reliable as it is distinctive.

David's Nissan Skyline R33 GTST

David's 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTST is a DIY enthusiast's dream. Currently stripped to the frame, it's undergoing a meticulous overhaul. Upgraded parts like polybushed arms, adjustable components, and Tein coilovers promise razor-sharp handling. The exterior gets a refresh too, with a rear diffuser, a subtle wing, and classic BBS LM wheels. Inside, a luxurious leather interior complements a thumping sound system.

The engine, the heart of this project, is getting a performance overhaul – expect more power and torque. This Skyline is a work in progress; a celebration of the iconic RB engine, and a testament to David's dedication.

Johnny's Ford Transit Connect

Johnny's Ford Transit Connect is no ordinary work van. This sleeper hides a secret - a heart transplant from a Ford Focus ST225! That means a roaring 2.5L turbo engine, a manual gearbox, and a custom exhaust for a thrilling soundtrack. Bigger breathing thanks to an intercooler and induction kit keeps things cool. Lowered suspension, stiffer anti-roll bars, and wider tires on 18-inch alloys sharpen handling for a car-like driving experience.

The fun doesn't stop there - the interior boasts Recaro bucket seats and a Focus ST steering wheel for a sporty touch. After 18 months of driveway tinkering, Johnny's creation is a true head-turner; a practical van transformed into a fun-loving hot rod.

Liam's Toyota JZX100 Chaser

Liam's 2001 Toyota JZX100 Chaser is a driver's dream. The 1JZ engine packs a punch, boosted by a Greddy controller and fed by a Blitz intake. Cusco coilovers and TRD bars tighten handling, while SSR wheels add motorsport flair. Inside, Recaro seats and a Nardi quick-release wheel put Liam in control. This meticulously tuned Chaser is a testament to Liam's love for both performance and the iconic JZX platform.

Ian's Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t

Ian's Skyline R33 is a beast. Coilovers, big brake kit, and MaxxECU turn it into a performance monster. Recaro seats and Impul bodykit complete the head-turning look. But for Ian, it's more than power. This car is a sanctuary, a partner on adventures like tackling the Stelvio Pass. It's a perfect mix of wild upgrades and personal connection.

Jason's Ford P100 Jaguar Conversion

This P100 isn't your average family car. Jason's Ford packs a secret weapon under it's bonnet: a Jaguar-derived 4.2L supercharged engine unleashing 440bhp. Expect a thrilling ride with upgraded say bars and lightweight wheels wrapped in high-performance tyres. This P100 is a wolf in sheep's clothing, ready to surprise and conquer the tarmac.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What classes as a modification?

    A. Anything that has been altered from factory standard, or since it has left the factory.

    • Q. Must you disclose every single modification when taking out a policy?

      A. Yes. Any alterations to your vehicle must be declared to your insurer, so they have the full picture on the vehicle. For example, something as small as a sticker will class as a modification, and your insurer should know about it.

    • Q. How can you potentially reduce the costs of a Modified Car Insurance policy?

      A. There are numerous ways you can help to reduce the costs:

      • Obtain the ‘PassPlus’ qualification via the Institute of Advanced Motorists (beneficial for Young Drivers).
      • Increase security features – add an alarm or immobiliser if it doesn’t already have one (particularly ones which have been categorised by ‘Thatcham’). This is one of the most effective ways of preventing car theft / break ins.
      • Park your car somewhere safe – garage or driveway.
      • Limit your mileage – ‘limited mileage discounts’
      • Tracking devices – for vehicles with a high net-worth (such as Lamborghini or Ferrari).
    • Q. What are the minimum requirements for ‘Third Party Fire and Theft Cover’?

      A. Under a Safely Insured policy, the minimum requirements are:

      • You must be at least 19 years’ old
      • You must have at least 1 year NCB (No Claims Bonus) or proof of 'claims free' driving
      • You must have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 2 years
    • Q. What are the minimum requirements for ‘Comprehensive Cover’?

      A. Under a Safely Insured policy, the minimum requirements are:

      • You must be at least 21 years’ old
      • You must have at least 1 year NCB (No Claims Bonus) or proof of 'claims free' driving
      • You must have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 2 years
    • Q. What are the issues insurance companies are faced with when it comes to modified cars?

      A. There are a few issues that insurance companies face:

      • Value – the increased value of the car also represents an increase cost of a claim, should there be one.
      • Theft
      • Replacement parts – certain parts can be harder to come by than others, in addition to an increased cost if they need to be sourced from over-seas.
      • Drivers risk – if a driver has installed a supercharger, the performance will be significantly higher, this subsequently makes the ‘drivers risk’ higher.

Safely Insured - Customer Car of the year 2018 entries...

Safely Insured are specialists when it comes to insuring modified and performance cars.

Like most of our customers, most of our staff are also car enthusiasts. So, you can imagine the pleasure it gave us to run the 'Safely Insured Customer Car of the Year' competition for the third year in a row.

Check out the entries from the 2018 competition...

1. Alex's Toyota JZX100 Chaser

 Toyota JZX100 Chaser 2.5 litre engine | 330bhp | extensively modified

Are you ready for this modification list? Well, we’ve shortened it because there’s too many to fit in: Apexi Power FC with hand commander, custom manifold with external wastegate (Screamer pipe), Greddy front mount intercooler, Walbro 255lps fuel pump, Ogura Racing twin plate clutch, 326 Power coilovers all round, Ikeya Formula front lower arm, front steering arm and front camber arm and also Ikeya Formula rear camber arms. Full BN Sports kit and BN Sports bonnet. Custom made, wide front wings with side repeaters removed. The rear arches have been properly widened with the metal being cut, extended, and welded.

The wheels are Volk Rays Te37’s. Interior has a full 6 point, through dash rollcage, 2 red Recaro reclining front seats from the Civic EK9, Nardi steering wheel, Blitz turbo timer. The car has had a full respray in ‘Sepang Bronze’.

2. Chris' Toyota Supra

Chris' Toyota Supra 662.5bhp | 620ft-lb torque | extensively modified

Just some of the modifications on Chris’ impeccably kept Toyota Supra include: Precision 6266 single turbo, BC racing coilovers, Asnu 1100cc injectors, 264 cams, fully re-built block and (in his own words) ‘lots of shiny bits’.

3. Craig's Ford Focus RS

Craig's Ford Focus RS 2.5 litre engine | 670bhp | 702ft-lb torque

Craig’s Ford Focus RS is extremely modified. The engine is forged with oversized pistons etc. It’s also had lots of headwork – it’s running a gtx 35/86r turbo with 1000cc injectors. In addition, it’s running an emu black ecu, is on bc racing coilovers and has a full roll cage (painted orange) fitted. Other modifications include: racing bucket seats, a wrap (done by blueprint), a btcc front end, and many more.

4. Jamie's Seat Leon Cupra

Jamie's Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 litre turbo engine | 300bhp (approx) | highly modified

Modifications on Jamie’s Cupra include: a TRC front splitter, Seat official side skirts, blacked out alloys, Forge turbo inlet hose, Forge induction kit, black Cupra lettering on rear, rear tinted tail lights, front badge blacker out, BCS powervalve exhaust system chrome quad tips, Ghost autowatch immobilise, tinted rear windows and it’s fully wrapped in ‘Avery Satin Black’.

5. Lee's Mk1.5 Ford Focus Zetec

Lee's Mk1.5 Ford Focus Zetec 400bhp | 2.0 litre | Modified

Lee’s 400bhp MK1.5 Ford Focus Zetec has a Zetec shell, with an RS engine and components. It was built with a purpose in mind. If you’re a rally fan, you’ll love this car…

6. Lee's Honda Integra Type R (DC5)

Lee's Honda Integra Type R (DC5) Iconic | 18 years old | Immaculate condition

Lee’s kept this car in pristine condition, considering the fact the car is 18 years old. Lee’s also added some modifications to it, these include: a Toda exhaust, Mugen strut brace, Rota Torque wheels, Hybrid Racing billet short shifter, uprated Clarion speakers, Yellowspeed coilovers, Yellow Rocker cover, and carbon fibre spark plug cover.

7. Indy's Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth

Indy's Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth 2.0 litre | 16v Turbocharged engine | 400bhp+

Modifications on Indy’s iconic Cosworth include: a fully re-built bottom and top end, fully detailed engine bay, forged Wossner pistons, steel rods, modified crank, new T34 modified turbo, new grey injectors, live map, RS500 intercooler, -31 Actuator, 3 bar map sensor, group A Coil, group A K&N Air filter, fully adjustable lowered suspension, and Ford 17” Diamond cut alloys.

The exterior looks relatively standard but features detailed paint work, standard light clusters, 4X4 bonnet, de locked, more than 3 different alarms, immobilisers, steering wheel lock, wheel clamp, and more…

8. Matthew's Mazda RX-7 FD3S RS-R
   (30th anniversary edition)

Matthew's Mazda RX-7 FD3S RS-R 1.3 litre rotary engine | 467bhp | highly modified

The modifications on Matthew’s impressive Mazda include: full feed body kit, Bridge port, BorgWarner efr turbo, water methanol injection, Haltec ECU, custom bucket seats, custom stainless exhaust, Billet fuel rails, 1860cc secondary injections, 750cc primary injectors, front mount intercooler, over-sized ally rad, 450lph fuel pump, fuel lab fuel pressure regulator, beaded fuel lines, Exedy stage 2 clutch, short shifter, custom flat boot, Lambo style rear lights and custom headlights.

9. Sean's Nissan Stagea RS4

Sean's Nissan Stagea RS4 300bhp (approx) | JDM Import | highly modified

Sean’s car is a JDM Import Stagea. imported in 2017, completely stock, it has gone under the knife with a full R34 GTR front end and wide body conversion. Other modifications include: BC coilovers, Rota deep dish wheels (custom pink), Recaro interior, many JDM mods, Greddy, HKS, and Blitz to name a few. It’s got an RB25DET engine, which produces around 300bhp (without a map). Other modifications have been added, such as: FMIC, exhaust, coils, injectors etc.

10. Shawn's Toyota Supra

Shawn's Toyota Supra 1020.6bhp | 3.4 litre engine | highly modified

The full list of modifications on Shawn’s Toyota Supra is literally too long to list here. So, we’ll give you an overview of the main modifications instead…

This UK Spec Supra is now running a fully built, 3.4 litre, 2JZ engine with a Garrett GTX4202R turbo producing 1020.6bhp (although there’s still more power to come, as it’s not quite finished). It’s also got a full custom red and black leather interior as well as a custom wide body kit on it.

11. Stephan's Subaru WRX-S (prodrive edition)

Stephan's Subaru WRX-S (prodrive edition) 2.5 litre engine | 300bhp | 380lb-ft torque

Modifications on Stephan’s Subaru include: K sport’s all round, Bilstien b66 coil overs, custom side exit exhaust, custom rear diffuser, Team dynamic 18×8 et35 wheels, Perrin fmic, Hybrid turbo, custom bonnet vents, Cosworth carbon mid spoiler, custom made varis style spoiler, front and rear strut braces, and front and rear anti roll bars.

12. Ed's Nissan 200sx S14a

Ed's Nissan 200sx S14a 404bhp | 405ft-lb torque | highly modified

Modifications on Ed’s immaculate Nissan 200sx S14a include: a forged engine, baffled sump, poncams, rocker arm stoppers, 2871r turbo, 740cc injectors, FMIC, uprated fuel pump, tubular manifold, full custom exhaust, lightened flywheel, stage 4 clutch, mishimoto rad + expansion tank, Nistune ecu, AVC-R, Greddy multi DA gauge, HSD coilovers, full adjustable arm kit, full polybush kit, big brake kit, reclining bucket seats, JDM rear bumper, Kouki front bumper, Work XD9 wheels, and a full underbody restoration.

Customer Car of the year 2017 entries...

1. Alan's Nissan GT-R

Alan's Nissan GT-R Alan’s Nissan GTR, BHP: 695, Litre: 3.8, Engine: V6 Twin Turbo

A little bit about the car: Alan’s Nissan GTR has had an extensive list of work done to it. It’s got a lot of Carbon Fibre parts, has had well over 50 modifications, and is just beautiful. Here’s just some of the modifications that are on the extensive list…

Modifications: Litchfield Stage 4.25 Upgrade: Dyno’d at 695bhp / 626lbft, 1,100cc Fuel Injectors, Large Bore performance Forge intake kit with larger MAF housing, ECUtec ECU, Litchfield 102mm Full Exhaust System, Litchfield Race Intercooler, Litchfield Blow off valves, Litchfield Throttle Bodies, Litchfield Downpipes, Forge Header Tank, Alcon Super Brake Kit, Pagid PS29 Brake Pads, Airlift Performance Suspension, Eibach Anti Roll Ba, AG Carbon Fibre 421 wheels with Neochrome Hardware 20/10 Front 20/12 Rear, JCR Carbon Fibre Shift Paddles, custom carbon fibre interior trim, Recaro Seat Sliders, Expel Matte PPF over real carbon fibre bodywork with Dark Grey Vinyl Rear Quarter, many carbon fibre parts, Tommy Kiara LED Rear GTR Emblem, window Tints, Litchfield Stainless Steel Under Tray Bolts, Audison Voce 5.1K Amp, Audison Voce Speakers all round, Custom Carbon 5-Gallon Tank for Air Suspension, Accuair eLevel Management, and many, many more!

2. Kiran’s Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Kiran’s Alfa Romeo 147 GTA BHP: 270, Litre: 3.2, Engine: V6

A little bit about the car: It’s had quite a few modifications. These include: Vogtland coilovers, Cda carbon air box, 17×9 rota grids, Supersprint stainless exhaust, Front & rear strut braces, Sparco bucket seats and harnesses, Omp steering wheel, and a Cup splitter.

3. Ricky’s Audi R8

Ricky’s Audi R8 BHP: 535, Litre: 5.2, Engine: V10

A little bit about the car: It’s the highest option specification from the factory. This includes: Full exclusive leather with ‘Red Bucket Seats’, full carbon fibre throughout (including mirrors and side blades), lightweight black alloys, full LED package, and mag ride adjustable suspension. It’s also had a full Milltek exhaust system fitted.

4. Mathew’s Ford Focus RS Mk2

Mathew’s Ford Focus RS Mk2 BHP: 425, Litre: 2.5

A little bit about the car: The car has had many modifications, too many to list. Some of the main modifications include: a Revo 4+ remap, Mongoose exhaust, Induction kit, and upgraded pistons and rods.

5. Adam’s Ford Mustang GT

Adam’s Ford Mustang GT BHP: 520, Litre: 5.0

Modifications: Wide arch kit, Carbon fibre boot panel, Carbon fibre rear light surrounds, Rohana RC10 wheels, Roush vents cut into bonnet, Custom exhaust system by lightning Motorsport, Custom 3 piece duck tail spoiler, BC racing Coilovers, 20mm wheel spacers, Colour coded lower bumper trims and side skirts, Window tints, BBK throttle body, Air raid cold air intake, Mishimoto oil catch tank, Sequential side light and front indicators, Led Fog lights, side light’s and DRLs, Full LED interior light conversion, Carbon fibre mirrors, Carbon fibre fog light surrounds, Carbon fibre front splitter,

Carbon fibre side skirt extensions, Smoked rear reflectors and reverse / fog light, Blacked out reflectors on the side of the rear bumper, Carbon fibre canards, Custom made rear diffuser, Mishimoto oil cooler, Mishimoto coolant tank, Mishimoto radiator, Grill delete with floating pony, kooks decat headers (had to be modified to fit), Custom map / Michelin pilot super sports with tyre lettering.

6. Harvey’s Honda S2000

Harvey’s Honda S2000 BHP: 249, Litre: 2.0

Modifications: Brian Crower stage 2 high lift Cam, Skunk2 Mega power exhaust (Full), AEM series 2 ECU, K&N Air intake with Snorkle, Circuit Garage wide body kit, Cosmis Racing 18? wheels, and Recaro Pole Position Racing seats.

7. Richard’s Lotus Elise

Richard’s Lotus Elise BHP: 257 hp. Car weighs 715 kg. (Approx 330hp p/t), Litre: 2.0

A little bit about the car: Richard’s Lotus Elise has been converted to a Motorsport using an Exige body and race spec rear wing. Full respray Aug 17. It’s had a Honda k20 conversion also (Type R Engine).

8. Lee’s Mazda RX-7 FD3

Lee’s Mazda RX-7 FD3 BHP: Not known as yet – anticipated: 500BHP+, Litre: 3.9

Modifications: The whole list of modifications is huge. The main modifications include: 20B triple rotor engine conversion (involving a lot of custom-made parts) and a full wide-body conversion. The car was revived from a long stood non-runner to how it stands now.

9. Chris' Mitsubishi Evolution

Chris' Mitsubishi Evolution BHP: 435 (although engine has just been re-built so maybe a little more), Litre: 2.0

Modifications: Fully forged engine with long rod pistons upgrade, new 20g turbo, Tomei 260 cams, 3 port boost solenoid, COP kit, ball bearing short gear linkage conversion, XXR 575 18? alloys, federal RSR 265/35/18 tyres, aluminium oil catch can with an10 braided hoses, Welbro 255l fuel pump, O2 dump screamer pipe, Evo 9 rear bumper, Voltex rear arch kit, Milltek 3? downpipe with full turbo back 3? system, black gloss side skirt extensions, rear spats, vortex generator and spoiler, as well as custom stainless covers in the engine bay.

10. Peter’s Toyota Supra MKIV

Peter’s Toyota Supra MKIV BHP:435, Litre: 3.0 litre Twin Turbo

Modifications: 356mm big brake kit all round, 8pot calipers front, 4pot rear, HKS coilovers, 18” rota grid in Matt bronze, Carbon front lip, HKS boost controller, Front mount intercooler, and a Titanium exhaust system.

11. Aaron’s Nissan 200sx (RB25 Converted)

Aaron’s Nissan 200sx (RB25 Converted) BHP: 400hp (basemap) – soon to be 550hp+, Litre: 2.5 litre Tubro

A little bit about the car: Aaron’s Nissan 200sx (RB25 Converted) has had over 80 modifications – so many that we simply can’t list them all. So, we’ll give you an overview…

Modifications: RB25 det conversion from r33 G-tst on 105,000Km, Cometic head gasket, 1100cc Bosch top feed injectors, Japspeed radiator with twin electric fans, Nardi deep Corn steering wheel, Driftworks Quick Release Boss, Bride fixed bucket seat (drivers), Bride reclining bucket seat Rep (passenger), Takata Harnesses, R33 G-tst gear box (custom gear box mount), brand new Custom Propshaft (speced to suit) serviceable single piece, Exedy stage 3 clutch, D2 coilovers, extended LCA’s, Refurbed steering rack poly bushed, Japspeed tie rods, Japspeed track rod ends, OBP reverse hydraulic handbrake (willwood cylinder), Cosmis Xt206-r 18 x 11 et0 all round, roof spoiler, Apexi Power Fc D-jetro MAP sensor, Greddy boost controller, Greddy Boost gauge and more!

12. Amy’s Nissan Fairlady Z33 (import)

Amy’s Nissan Fairlady Z33 (import) BHP: 300, Litre: 3.5, Engine: V6

Modifications: 19” WheelMania aftermarket alloys, Bilstein adjustable coilovers, Amuse front bumper, Amuse rear bumper, Amuse front splitters, Blitz rear spoiler, Chargespeed sideskirts, Veilside bonnet, Japspeed exhaust, Brembo calipers, Stoptech brake disks, Full respray in Datsun Sora blue, Full clarion custom sound system, Custom door cards in leather, Custom leather seat covers, Custom build rear sub and amp -compartments, Fairlady z Datsun badge, Samco white hose kit, Ultra racing strut brace, and a Pipercross foam filter.

13. Elton’s 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTiR

Elton’s 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTiR BHP: 350, Litre: 2.0 litre Turbo

Modifications: Forged engine, Powerflow manifold, Uprated T28 turbo, 3 inch elbow with screamer pipe, Straight through exhaust with blue flame twin departure system.

14. James’ Nissan Silvia S15

James’ Nissan Silvia S15 BHP: 400, Litre: 2.0

A little bit about the car: James’ Nissan Silvia S15 is a full road legal competition drift car. It’s got the ‘Rocket Bunny S15 V2 kit’ on it, and has a few other modifications too. These include: 326 Power Yabaking Alloy Wheels, full Alcon Racing Brake Setup and a re-paint in ‘Deep Candy Red’.

15. Badshah’s Porsche Cayman

James’ Nissan Silvia S15 BHP: 300, Litre: 2.7, Transmission: Manual

The car has no modifications, it’s the standard factory specification.

16. George’s 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno

George’s 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno BHP: 135.9whp (108whp stock), Litre: 1.6

Modifications: Running ZX9R bike carbs, full Driftworks suspension, half Roll Cage, Bucket Seat, TRD LSD Diff, TRD short shift, Closer Ratio Gearbox, Weightsaving Rust Holes, Wanatanabe Wheels, and a Varis Racing Carbon Fibre Bonnet.

17. Karl’s 1993 Toyota Supra Aerotop

Karl’s 1993 Toyota Supra Aerotop BHP: 700, Litre: 3.0

Modifications: Repainted Nissan Bayside Blue, 2JZ-GTE Engine swap, 6 speed V161 manual gearbox conversion, Single turbo conversion, Borg Warner SXE 66mm turbo, Garage Whifbitz twin scroll manifold, ASNU 850cc injectors, Walbro 450lph fuel pump, Twin Turbosmart wastegates with twin screamer pipes, Turbosmart Raceport BOV, Syvecs S6 ecu, Garage Whifbitz 4” front mount intercooler, Garage Whifbitz 264 cams, Garage Whifbitz ally radiator, Line lock kit, Tein Coilovers, Full interior retrim with Recaro SR seats, and the list goes on…

18. Michael’s Toyota Supra RZ-S

Michael’s Toyota Supra RZ-S BHP: 420, Litre: 3.0

Modifications: Just some of them include: DO-LUCK Front bumper, TRAIL Rear bumper smoothed, BLITZ Side Skirts smoothed, re-paint in Liquid Yellow, Dash sprayed in Liquid Yellow, Chrome heater knobs, Greddy gear knob, OEM Recaro Seats, Large front mount intercooler, Walbro Fuel Pump, HKS boost controller, Polished cam covers,Inlet, throttle body, HKS Dump Valve and elbow, 24ct gold plated Fan Cowling, plinth and top hose pipe, APR Carbon rad cooling plate, APR carbon fuse box cover, Carbon bonnet struts, APR Carbon Spark Cover, Engine bay painted matt black, CCW LM20’s gloss lip Satan centres and many more…

19. Michael’s Vauxhall VXR8 GEN f GTS

Michael’s Vauxhall VXR8 GEN f GTS BHP: 602, Litre: 6.2

Modifications: Walkinshaw stage 2 which includes cold are intake, and performance cam.

20. Rob’s 1968 Ford Anglia Deluxe

Rob’s 1968 Ford Anglia Deluxe BHP: unknown, Litre: 3.9 / 4.0, Engine: V8 engine (from a Range Rover)

A little bit about the car: It’s a 5-speed manual with power steering. Modifications include: a Cosworth servo, BMW M3 rear axle with limited slip diff, M3 front legs and brakes, the chassis has also been modified and strengthened.

Customer Car of the year 2016 entries...

1. Adam's Toyota GT86

Adam's Toyota GT86

This GT86 doesn’t just have the looks but has the power to back it up too.

Normally 2Litre and Naturally aspirated its now been turbocharged and is currently running 320Bhp. As well as the Stage 3 Billet Turbo Kit with supporting modifications it’s also had a full V1 Rocket Bunny body kit fitted complete with side skirts, splitter and carbon GT wing and to finish off a gorgeous and quite pricey set of Work Meister M1's which suit this body incredibly well.

2. Alex's Ford Focus RS

Alex's Ford Focus RS

This Mk2 Focus RS is very unique and definitely stand out from the crowd.

Alex has had a customer Monster Energy Vinyl wrap. Under the bonnet he is running a JWR 120i Remap bringing the car to 420Bhp. An extra 120Bhp more than standard.

3. Curt's Honda Civic Type R

Curt's Honda Civic Type R

This Ep3 Civic Type R has been resprayed in the lovely Championship white. Not only is the car this colour but he has had his original Enkei wheels powder coated to match the car. The K20 engine is still naturally aspirated but has had induction and exhaust modifications. The car has had a lot of visual modifications but has been kept simple and tasteful.

“Right now, my Honda Civic Type R is around 220bhp. It’s an ep3 (UK spec) 2002 model and has a 2.0 litre engine."

Here’s some of the modifications and work that’s been completed on the car:

  • Full respray in ‘championship white’ (98 Integra DC2 blend)
  • Replaced the Type R badges with new ones and re-sprayed
  • The original Enkei alloys have been powder-coated in ‘championship white’
  • Have added an EK9 JDM decal set
  • Input a ‘Skunk2’ weighted gear-knob
  • EK9’d headlights (inner part painted black)
  • Included a full energy poly-bush suspension bush kit, and inputted engine mount inserts
  • Vibra-Technics front upper engine mount
  • Tegiwa solid sub-frame collar kit
  • Projekt K steering rack slider
  • Beaks rear lower sub-frame brace
  • AEM v2 induction kit
  • Scorpion stainless exhaust system with tuner tailpipe
  • Eibach pro lowering springs with camber adjustment front and rear

Check out this blog all about it

4. Gareth's Ford Focus RS

Gareth's Ford Focus RS

Gareth’s Mk3 was the first one to go on cover with Safely Insured. Gareth has a love for being different and has certainly put his own stamp on this RS, just like he did with his last. One of the only ones with Air ride it definitely stands out. As well as the air ride he has a set of Gold Comp wheels and Scorpion Exhaust.

5. Chris' Toyota Supra

Chris' Toyota Supra

This car has been practically rebuilt in order to achieve 765bhp! This particular car, as stock, came with an N/A engine which usually produces around 200-220bhp, and had a 4-speed automatic gearbox. The car has gone through an incredible amount of changes in order to produce 765bhp / 596ftlbs torque at the wheels – which is what it produces now. The engine has been fully forged to the point where it has the potential to withstand 1000+BHP (with the right supporting modifications, of course). Chris chose a T67 Turbo, as he believed it has the best all-round acceleration and top-end speed.

Find out how Chris did it by reading this blog.

6. George's AE86 Trueno

George's AE86 Trueno

The Toyota AE86 is a very iconic car within its own rights. The car was imported from japan and has recently been purchased by George. Currently he is in the process of putting his own stamp on this car. The vehicle has had suspension changes and some minor engine modifications. We are sure that we will be seeing more changes before it gets to show season.

7. Harvey's Honda S2000 GT

Harvey's Honda S2000 GT

The Honda S2000 is one of those cars that doesn’t need many improvements from how it came from the factory. The car originally had a 2Litre naturally aspirated which came with 240Bhp from the factory. Harvey has left the car naturally aspirated but done a lot of other mods.

While Harvey focused on modifying the style of his Honda S2000 with a modification list that includes:

  • Interior swap from red to black
  • Drift Front Grill swap
  • Stock seats swap to Recaro race seats (from Honda Integra DC5)
  • OMP Removable Race Steering Wheel
  • Alpine head unit + uprated speakers + 12” JBL Subwoofer
  • Staggered 18” Rota Grid Race Wheels with over fenders
  • Tien Mono Flex adjustable suspension with EDFC controller
  • Big Brake Kit: PB performance 6 pot 356mm
  • Pirelli P ZERO Race Tyres
  • K&N Race Air Charger
  • Evans Waterless Coolant Conversion
  • Skunk2 Mega Power Header
  • Skunk2 Mega Power Cat Back Exhaust
  • Stage 2 Brian Crower Cam shaft
  • AEM Series 2 ECU Controller (9,200 RPM Cut off)
  • Aluminium Light weight Pulleys
  • Spec Stage 3 Race Clutch
  • ACT Race Spec Light weight Flywheel
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

Find out the exact modification by reading this blog.

8. Jamie's Nissan 200sx

Jamie's Nissan 200sx

The list of modifications Jamie has made to his Nissan 200sx could fill an entire blog post... so we wrote one. Check out the full list of mods here.

Currently running 300Bhp this car hasn’t just had engine mods it’s had lots more done to it. Jamie is currently running a Garrett GT28R turbo with braided lines as well as other supporting mods to get it to this power. As well as the engine this car has had rear over fenders, front wings, skirts and other body modifications. He also has a set of Work Meister S1’s which we love.

Modifications include;

  • Garrett GT28R turbo with braided lines
  • Apex turbo manifold
  • HKS adjustable actuator
  • 800bhp Stainless elbow
  • Japspeed Ultra Low downpipe
  • Blitz Nur Spec cat back system
  • Apex Gen 2 coil overs
  • 6? front springs
  • Hardrace adjustable toe arms
  • Apex adjustable camber arms
  • Whiteline front ARB
  • Apex half cage
  • R33 GTR Brembo front calipers
  • Ferrado DS2500 pads
  • 330mm grooved rotors
  • R33 GTR BMC (BM57)
  • Tegiwa BMC stopper
  • ABS removed

9. Jason's Toyota Supra

Jason's Toyota Supra

"I have had many engine upgrades. When I first bought the car it did not have a turbo and was only 220bhp. Then, I did a twin turbo transplant which took the power close to 300bhp. I then did a BPU setup, taking the power to around 450bhp. After this, I pushed the twin turbos, so changed to a Holset single setup 550bhp. After the Holset died I got the Garret T88 single turbo (which is my current setup) and now the car runs at 700bhp."

Find out more about how Jason took a 220bhp and made it into the 700bhp masterpiece it is now. Read the blog here


10. Martin's Ford Falcon (BA) UTE

Martin's Ford Falcon (BA) UTE

This Ford Falcon is the XR6 GT. This 4Litre engine has had a few modifications such as remap, induction and exhaust. As well as this Martin has ensured that the body of the car is back up to his high standards. He has also some body modifications added such as vinyl stripes, better spec bonnet, front splitter and alloy wheels.

11. Michelle's Nissan S14a

Michelle's Nissan S14a

Michelle's modifications are all around drifting: Roll cage, bucket seat and harness for safety, Japspeed intercooler, Japspeed exhaust, Exedy clutch, vented bonnet, and Driftworks CS2 suspension.

Read more about Michelle's Nissan S14a here.

12. Sean's Volkswagen Golf GTI

Sean's  Volkswagen Golf GTI

This lovely mk1 golf GTI may look like a simple classic car but under the bonnet its not. Sean now has a 2Litre TSFI Audi engine with lots of uprated parts including intake, exhaust, fuel injectors and fuel pump and dump valve. Other than that Sean has kept it simple with new suspension and a set of wheels which suit this classic beautifully.

13. Steve's Audi S3 Saloon

Sean's  Volkswagen Golf GTI

Modified and currently running at 400bhp, Steve’s Audi S3 saloon is incredibly well known, with over 47k followers on his Instagram it goes to show a simple tasteful look can still get a lot of attention. His past few cars have all had air ride and it does make a huger difference to the visual aspects of the car. Blog will be coming soon.

14. Warwick's Audi RS3 Quattro

Warwick's Audi RS3 Quattro

Warwick is another customer who’s car is incredibly well known. He currently has 12.9k followers on his Instagram. This is another car that shows just a few tasteful modifications can really have a huge impact on how a car looks. Warwick has gone for the stealth look, not only does it look good but it performs well. The 2.5Litre turbo engine also sounds lovely, especially with the help of a custom exhaust from Emp Performance. This car is currently running at 362bhp. Some of the modification to enhance this beautiful Audi RS3 Quattro include;

  • 4Air ride installation (which has made a massive difference, with custom install)
  • All the window trims were silver – they’re now all blacked out (the car has more of a stealth look – also makes it a lot easier to clean)
  • The wheels have changed from standard
  • Custom exhaust fitted (from EMP Performance, based in St Albans)

Read about it in full here on our Blog section

15. Wayne's Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Wayne's Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Wayne’s Skyline is a R34 GTR currently running 500Bhp. From standard this car comes with the infamous RB26 Engine. It’s a 2.6Litre twin turbo, it was stated that they came with 276Bhp from factory. This is the second R34 that Wayne has had.

Read all about it here.