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350z Build Thread

350z Build Thread
George Trout
  • On July 8, 2014

We all love a build thread! I’ve spent vast periods of my life reading them but it’s not something I’ve done with my previous cars. With some fun bits being done to the 350z I thought I would document the changes I have made here!

So this is how she looked when I first got her:

1-350z Original

All of my cars get the black stealthy alloys so this was first on the list! Also a good opportunity to take those kerbing marks and any blemishes out at the same time – always refreshes the way the car looks.

A stubby aerial also needed to be done right away!


Outside Japex – Service time

It didn’t really take too much work, some sanding and spray painting is all it takes to do a reasonable job. Its fundamental that the preparation work is done correctly and you are patient but little effort or automotive skills are required really.

I didn’t really want to go mad on the engine but fancied a bit of a growl, so out with the efficient stock air box and in with a K&N Filter!

05-1 Before

Whoever said size doesn’t matter – clearly weren’t talking about air filters! There are a couple of things to consider at this stage. The way the cone filter is made, on the outside isn’t too important, the important bit is how the funnel inside directs the air into the engine – the better the internal funnel is, the less disrupted the air that goes in is and therefore the more effective the filter is – so buying cheap is always a false economy and don’t be fooled by a shiny/pretty air filter – they might not be any good once you get inside them.

Secondly, having removed the stock airbox there is no longer a direct (cold) air flow to the filter which means all that hot air in the engine bay is being sucked into it – you car wants cold air (and will perform better in the winter months!) So I had to address getting a cold air flow to the filter….


My car was taking on a colour scheme of its own and so I thought I would jazz up the engine bay. Removal all the plastic covers, cleaning them thoroughly and respraying them:

12-IMG_0373  14-IMG_0384


More orange required?

18-IMG_0467  20-2014-05-23 13.52.56

22-2014-05-23 13.53.19

Those with sharp eyesight will notice the alloys on the rear are different to those at the front ….An opportunity to buy some Super Advan Sa3 V2 alloys came up on (love to hate…or hate to love it) Ebay and I snapped them up! They are marmite wheels, I accept this but I love them, always have and always will. They are no longer manufactured, there aren’t many left here in the UK so when a set of 18″ by 9J came up I knew I had to have them.

One was slightly buckled when I received them.

049-IMG_0371 050-IMG_0372

So I took a rubber mallet to it and to my surprise the buckle all but dropped out after some spirited bashing! I also gave them the stealth look, spraying them matt black of course.


Almost there with the dream wheels – although fitting the tyres turned into an absolute nightmare. my local garage couldn’t work out how to put the tyre on (worrying I know!) But it turned out they are designed with a reverse lip on them so they need to go on the tyre fitting machine back to front…I was getting pretty excited by this point and the rears went on fine.


However the garage managed to put one of the front tyres on back to front…yes, really – photographic evidence below.


Finally, the wheels went on and I was a very happy chap. The Zed usually runs a staggered set up and I had read opposing reports from forum members on both sides of the Atlantic of some issues with using wheels with the same width all round but, whilst the ride is, as expected, slightly different I haven’t experienced any problems with the traction control…which to be honest is turned off most of the time…

089-2014-06-11 08.09.05

 A bit more orange needed methinks with some shameless advertising for the day job!

075-2014-06-05 13.52.28 (2)

And once it’s all done it’ll go for remapping … I’d like to say that will be it, but it won’t – you know it, I know it so – maybe the next step will be forced induction!


Lastly, the front splitter went on. A generic splitter jazzed up with some support struts to help balance the new line across the front of the car, which originally I felt looked a bit flat but the struts help change the look of the front splitter and it’s definitely better with them.


It took some getting used to and there are fitment issues but for now it does the trick – significant improvement on downforce too!

Hopefully just the Japspeed K1 exhaust to go….watch out for further updates on the blog.

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