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High Performance Car Insurance for an Aston Martin

High Performance Car Insurance for an Aston Martin
Sophie Cloud
  • On May 21, 2015

The Aston Martin marque was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford to inject luxury and sophistication into the motoring world. Founded under the name “Bamford & Martin Ltd”, the name was later changed to the name you see today, Aston Martin, in 1914.


The name change was inspired by Lionel Martins accomplishments at the Aston Hill Climb. The Aston Hill Climb consisted of numerous vehicles, in a fast paced up hill climb. The Climb was active been the years of 1904 and 1925 and took place at Aston Hill in Buckinghamshire.

Aston Martin

Within the ‘car garage’ of Aston Martin resides many vehicles from both the past to the modern day. You’ll probably recognise these prestigious models:

  • Vantage V12
  • Vanquish
  • DB9
  • DBS

As many of you may already be aware, Aston Martin is famously associated with James Bond. Many of the James Bond films, including Thunderball, use the Aston Martin Marque as the iconic presence of sophistication, excitement, thrills and action.

Aston Martin both inhales and exhales sophistication, luxury, style and design. What Aston Martin also entails is great technical capabilities and speed. One of the fastest cars within the Marque is the Aston Martin One-77 which has an incredible top speed of 227 mph.

Aston Martin, this year, is to be setting their sights on new horizons. In March, Aston Martin Announced it’s plans to collaborate with Daimler (who they are already in partnership with) to create the DBX SUV. Stepping into the world of SUV.

Insurance Groups

Insurance groups are set by leading authorities in the industry and include members of the ABI (Association of British Insurers) and the LMA (Lloyd’s Market Association).

Insurance groups vary dependant on a number of factors. The factors include but are not limited to; damage costs, parts costs, repair costs, repair times, car performance, car safety and car security.

A car is classified with a number between 1-50 dependant on all the relevant factors and this will then reflect the price of insurance. The higher the number, generally, the higher the cost of insurance.

Insurance for an Aston Martin

Different Models of Aston Martin have different costs associated with them. Although the insurance groups will always be high, the insurance cost from model to model will still vary.

See some examples below. These examples are subjective and may vary upon actual quotations and car specifications.


  • Price to buy: £125,050+
  • HP: 510
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50


  • Price to buy: £192,995+
  • HP: 568
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50

Rapide S

  • Price to buy: £144,950+
  • HP: 550
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50


If you are looking for insurance for an Aston Martin or for more information, you can call us on 03303 331 250.

Safely Insured provide performance car insurance, including high performance car insurance. For further information visit the Safely Insured Performance Car Insurance page.