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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Safely Insured | June 14, 2024

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Customer Car: Audi RS Q3

Customer Car: Audi RS Q3
Joe Mackay
  • On January 24, 2024

Audi RS Q3 

We recently caught up with another one of our customers, Louise, whose Audi RS Q3 was featured in our exclusive pack of Trump Cards! Louise is a Safely Insured customer who has a passion for cars and enjoys modifying them to make them unique.

Here, Louise tells us all about her Audi RS Q3, its modifications, and what started her love of cars! 

The Audi RS Q3

Our customer Louise, tells us all there is to know about her and her precious Audi RS Q3. 

Louise has owned her Audi RS Q3 for just eighteen months, but she’s already made her mark on it. She says that while her car doesn’t get as much attention from people as some other modified cars due to it being an SUV, those who do notice it are always complimentary. “People often mistake my car for a Q3 that’s been modified to look like an RS,” she says. “They don’t realise that it’s actually an RS Q3.” 

Despite the occasional misidentification, Louise is proud of her unique car and enjoys the compliments she receives.

When we asked Louise if she had any future plans for her car, she revealed a few additional modification options: ‘I would like to replace the headlights and get some age-related marks repaired. As there weren’t many of the cars made, there are very little mods I can do to it. However, I might invest in an air filter!’

How Louise got into cars

Louise has always been interested in cars. We delved deeper and asked Louise how she got into modifying cars she’s owned over the years: “I have always loved spending time cleaning the family cars with my grandad and dad. When I got my own, I wanted to make it unique. My grandad would love hearing about what I was doing and or had done to the car.” 

Like many car enthusiasts, Louise enjoys taking her car to car shows in the summer. She prefers attending smaller shows or charity events, and she doesn’t participate in track days: ‘I attend Car shows over the summer, but only small ones or charity events. I don’t do track days – I like my car too much!’

Audi RS Q3 Modifications

Louise’s Audi RS Q3 has two modifications, largely due to it being so unique: wind deflectors and spacers. She had the modifications done by AMD Essex, a reputable shop for German car mods: ‘I normally use AMD Essex for my German car mods, or if it’s only a small mod I’ll do it myself.’

We would like to thank Louise for allowing us to learn more about her Audi RS Q3. We appreciate her passion for cars, her willingness to share her story with us, and for allowing us to find out more about this wonderful car!

If you have a modified vehicle insured by us and want to make your story known, get in touch at [email protected]