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Imported Car Insurance

Imported cars are often treated as non-standard by insurance companies, which means that these cars require a specialist type of cover.


Here at Safely Insured we are proud to offer you a specialist scheme to provide imported car insurance. Designed by our team of experts, the policies are tailor made to the requirements of you and your imported car.

We Offer:

  • Left Hand Drive Car Cover
  • Cover for Imported 4x4s
  • Young Driver Friendly Cover (aged 19 or over with two years driving exp.)
  • Modification Cover
  • Breakdown Cover

Whether you’re buying a car abroad and importing it to the UK, or you’re moving and bringing your car with you, you’ll be able to find the right cover for your car with us. Talk to one of our specialist team today and explore your options for imported car insurance with us.

Get Your Quote for Imported Car Insurance Today

We are able to recognise and insure a whole range of imported vehicles that many other insurers do not, so if you’re looking for imported car insurance, then you need look no further. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced specialist team will be able to help you insure your imported car today. If you wish to receive a quotation on your imported car, then please call us on 03303 331 251.

Many of our staff are car enthusiasts themselves, so they will be able to advise on the correct cover required. We also have an experienced and knowledgeable team of staff to help you arrange cover on your imported cars. We consider ourselves as the imported car insurance experts.

Buying a car abroad and importing it into the UK can be a wise financial decision. It has become a very popular process over the last few years, often creating large savings on the UK comparison prices, but as the imported cars are often categorised by insurance underwriters as non-standard, it can become difficult trying to get them insured.

For a number of years now, Safely Insured have been amongst the market leaders for Imported Car Insurance, especially Japanese Imports. We know imports very well and have a fully trained team ready to assist you with arranging insurance for your Imported Car or Imported 4x4. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of imported cars and we currently insure some very weird and wonderful import vehicles.

Grey Imports Insurance

Safely Insured have various schemes for imported vehicles including a dedicated ‘Grey Imports Insurance’ Scheme. We will not penalise you or charge you a high price to insure your import vehicle - in fact, more often than not you will pay no more than if you were insuring the UK equivalent model.

Through our many years of experience in this market, we are able to recognise many import cars which other insurers have not even heard of, let alone are able to insure.

Our current top Import cars we insure

  • Nissan Skyline R32, R33, R34, GTR
  • Honda Civic Type R EK9, FD2
  • Toyota Celica GT4 ST165, ST185, ST205, ST205 WRC
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo, Supercharger
  • Honda Integra DC2, DC5
  • Toyota Hilux Surf
  • Mitsubishi FTO
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Mitsubishi Evo
  • Mazda Eunos
  • Mazda RX7
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Honda CRX Mk1, Mk2, Del Sol
  • Honda Prelude

Safely Insured have been specialists in the imported car insurance for over ten years. Our Imported Car Insurance Scheme offers a competitive premium. The policies are 'tailor-made' towards the requirements of imported car owners and our staff has an excellent knowledge of all types of imported cars.

Imported Car Insurance - The Main Insurance Issues

One of the main issues that insurance companies have with insuring imported cars are that they tend not to be built to recognised European standards or are not EU approved. This makes it difficult for the insurance company to establish the risks involved with insuring the car, as it does not fit comfortable within their standard policy. Threrefore, most imported cars need to gain cover under specialist schemes.

Another major issue is the cost of replacement parts, as they may not be available from most UK garages. Others considerations taken into account when insuring imported cars include the fact that the car may be left-hand drive or have been built to be driven under different driving conditions from those in the UK, which again may effect the insurance companies assessment of risk of an accident happening.

There are certain things that can be done to improve the risks concerns and some insurance companies may ask for some security steps to be taken, like fitting a Thatcham security device to the car or request that the car be keep in a garage over night. It is worthwhile checking the price of the insurance cover prior to buying the car, if possible, as there may be some issues that you might need to considered before buying an car from abroad.

Through our many years of being in the Import Car Insurance market, we are highly experienced within this field and our Imported Car Insurance Scheme has been tailored towards the requirements of drivers with these types of vehicles.

Some of the main issues that insurance companies have with imported cars are:

  • non-EU standard cars
  • theft risk
  • replacement parts
  • left-hand drive