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Mini-Fleet (2 or more) Car or Van Insurance

Mini-Fleet (2 or more) Car or Van Insurance Image

If you are searching for mini fleet insurance for two or more vehicles, look no further. At Safely Insured, we specialise in finding the best business insurance solution for our customers. Whether you want to cover all of your vehicles with one simple insurance policy or are looking for cover that offers more flexibility, we are confident that we have the right policy for you.

Why Choose Us?

Why insure all of your vehicles separately when you can cover them all with one simple policy? We know that everyone is different and don’t believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to mini fleet insurance. That’s why we tailor our insurance policies to meet the specific needs of your business and go the extra mile to minimise your insurance cost. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right level of cover required.

Advantages of our mini fleet insurance policies include:

  • Competitive prices on two or more cars or vans
  • Dedicated mini fleet correspondent
  • One renewal date
  • Panel of insurers, including: Aviva, Allianz and AXA
  • Different types of vehicles can be covered within the same policy

If you require further information regarding our mini fleet insurance policies, a member of our specialist mini fleet team is on hand to help.

Save Money on Mini Fleet Insurance Today

With over 30 years of industry experience, we are proud to offer our customers a plethora of mini fleet policy options that are tailor-made. Get in touch with a member of our team for a quote and we will reward you with exclusive insurance offers.

Mini Fleet Insurance policies are an ideal solution for businesses with multiple vehicles. If your business has two or more vehicles, having a Mini Fleet Insurance policy will simplify the administering of your policy, provide more flexibility in the types of cover available and can often prove to be more cost effective than insuring each vehicle separately.

Safely Insured offers a full range of solutions for insuring mini fleets. With over 30 years worth of experience, we have dedicated insurers who will provide us with tailored made policies and exclusive rates to ensure that you have full protection at a competitive price. By understanding your business and the full extent of the use of your vehicles, we’ll work in partnership with you to look at ways of minimising your insurance costs.

As an independent broker, we have access to exclusive schemes for fleet policies and source a variety of quotes for you from a leading panel of insurers and via the Lloyd's market.

Any policy offered would be checked carefully to ensure that it affords you the protection you need when you most need it. You’ll have access to our expert fleet team to assist you with any query you have with policy cover and to assist you every step of the way should you have to make a claim.

If you would like to obtain a quotation or further information in respect of a Mini Fleet Insurance policy, please contact our knowledgeable Mini Fleet Insurance specialists.

Questions often asked about Mini Fleet Insurance

  • Can the fleet insurance cover private cars, vans and trucks under one policy?

    Yes, our Mini Fleet policies allow you to not only include a variety of vehicles under policy but also specify what level of cover you would like for each vehicle.

  • Can the policy cover all drivers without having to name each driver specifically?

    You can choose to specify named drivers on your policy or alternatively have a policy which allows any driver in your employment to drive your vehicles.

  • Is there a restriction on the age of the drivers covered?

    No, most insurers offering Mini Fleet Insurance will allow you to cover drivers over 21 without having to name each driver. Drivers below 21 can be included but will have to be specifically named on the policy.

  • Is there a limit to the Business Use covered under a Mini Fleet Insurance policy?

    No, we can provide cover for most business uses under our policies.

  • Does it matter who’s names the vehicles are registered in?

    Yes, all vehicles to be insured on a Mini Fleet policy must either be owned by the company, directors of the company, owners or partners of the business.

  • If I need to make an amendment to my Mini Fleet policy, who do I contact?

    Your dedicated team at Safely Insured will be your point of contact in respect of making amendments to your policy, such as change of vehicles, updating the Mini Insurance Database, amending drivers, reporting claims and chasing the progress of claims.