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High Performance Car Insurance for a Rolls Royce

High Performance Car Insurance for a Rolls Royce
Sophie Cloud
  • On July 24, 2015

The Marque of Rolls Royce was initially discussed in 1904 and then later founded on 15th March 1906 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce. Frederick Henry Royce was an engineer and Charles Rolls was the owner of a car dealership. Both of their successes combined together represents the Marque you see today, 111 years after initial discussion.

Rolls Royce

There are three main models of Rolls Royce vehicles:

  • Phantom (which also includes the Phantom Extended Wheelbase, the Phantom Drophead Coupe and the Phantom Coupe)
  • Ghost – Ghost Series II and the Ghost Extended Wheelbase
  • Wraith – the most powerful car in the history of Rolls Royce, showing off a twin turbo-charged V12 engine

Insurance Groups

Insurance groups are set by leading authorities in the industry and include members of the ABI (Association of British Insurers) and the LMA (Lloyd’s Market Association).

Insurance groups vary dependant on a number of factors. The factors include but are not limited to; damage costs, parts costs, repair costs, repair times, car performance, car safety and car security.

A car is classified with a number between 1-50 dependant on all the relevant factors and this will then reflect the price of insurance. The higher the number, generally, the higher the cost of insurance.

Insurance for a Rolls Royce

All models of the prestigious Rolls Royce Marque are classified as premium vehicles and therefore you can expect to see a high insurance group rating put on each vehicle.

See some examples below. These examples are subjective and may vary upon actual quotations and car specifications.


Rolls Royce Ghost

  • Price to buy: £200,958+
  • HP: 563
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50

Rolls Royce Phantom

  • Price to buy: £285,200+
  • HP: 453
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50

Rolls Royce Wraith

  • Price to buy: £235,000+
  • HP: 624
  • Insurance Group (1-50): 50


If you are looking for insurance for a Rolls Royce or for more information, you can call us on 03303 331 250.

Safely Insured provide performance car insurance, including high performance car insurance. For further information visit the Safely Insured Performance Car Insurance page.