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Safely Insured Reviews – Why You Should be Using Safely Insured

Safely Insured Reviews – Why You Should be Using Safely Insured
Tina Playle
  • On March 2, 2018

When it comes to modified and performance cars, we at Safely Insured pride ourselves on not only understanding the specialist requirements for your car insurance but understanding your car too.

We’re always excited to spread the word of our specialist insurance schemes, but this time, we thought we’d let the words of our own customers take the lead.

By using our Safely Insured reviews, we can see what our customers really think about the service we provide.

Here are the some of our customer opinions taken from our TrustPilot review page.

We Strive to Give Our Customers the Best Possible Price for Their Cover

Safely Insured reviews

When it comes to performance and modified insurance, we are constantly striving to remain as competitive as possible for our customers. We take into consideration every single detail given at inception to give each customer a competitive price that is unique to them and their car.

This is why we encourage everyone to phone us if you’re looking for a quote, this way we can get all of the details from you to give you an accurate price tailored to you and your car.

We Work to Give our Customers a Good Reason to Return with a Great Renewal Price

Safely Insured reviews

We value each and every one of our customers, which is why you’ll find us making the extra effort to give a good renewal price for each of them. By taking our renewal prices very seriously, we give all the right reasons for our customers to continue using Safely Insured.

Our Staff are Friendly and Always Happy to Help

Safely Insured reviews

At Safely Insured, we have a great customer service team on hand to deal with any queries you may have regarding your policy. You can contact us on 03303 331 251, we are open 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm on Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturdays.

We Take Our Specialist Schemes Seriously

Safely Insured reviews

To add to our previous point – our team at Safely Insured are car enthusiasts themselves. We believe that this is hugely important when it comes to providing modified and performance car insurance. This means that our insurance schemes are of a high quality as well as your customer experience.


We Go the Extra mile to Understand Car Enthusiasts

Safely Insured reviews

We know that owners of performance and modified cars are people who really take care of their cars. You never have to feel penalised for modifications, our insurance schemes are carefully created to give you the highest quality of cover for your prized vehicle.



Safely Insured Modified & Performance Testimonial Video

During our Customer Car day in 2017, we got even more feedback about our modified and performance insurance. Watch the video below to see more!


Why Not Leave us a Review?

We use independent review services as a major tool to improve the service we provide. By being able to check in with our customers, we’re able to see where we’re doing well. As well as other parts where we can work to improve.

Why not leave us a Google Review? Follow the instructions and click the button below to have your say.

Safely Insured reviews

Safely Insured reviews

Don’t have a Google account to leave a review? You’re welcome to leave a TrustPilot review to have your say.

Click here to leave a TrustPilot Review.


Insurance for Modified and Performance Cars

Safely Insured is a specialist insurance broker who provide Modified Car Insurance and Performance Car Insurance. The team at Safely Insured not only understand your requirements, but many of them are car enthusiasts themselves. This mean they understand your car, too.

Within our Modified Car / Performance Car Insurance schemes, we can offer cover on the basis such as: ‘like-for-like modifications cover’, ‘agreed valuations cover’, second car discounts, and more.

For further information, just visit our website.

More Information: Modified Car Insurance | Performance Car Insurance | Get a Quote | Call Us