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Courier insurance is an essential part of being in the courier business. Absolutely anyone who drives for a living and regularly delivers goods to their clients as part of their business should know that standard motor insurance will not cover you or your vehicle to carry someone else’s goods

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Courier insurance tends to cost more than standard insurance as you are on the road more often, and you could potentially be carrying expensive goods.

We at Safely Insured know that it is difficult to find good courier insurance, whether you’re on a motorcycle. That’s why we are proud to offer you a personalised insurance service that will help you find the right policy. So, if you need motorcycle courier insurance that covers a whole fleet, we’ll be able to find the perfect cover for you.

Courier Insurance Tailored to You and Your Vehicle

Due to the fact that there are many different types of couriers, using different vehicles and carrying items of various value and size, there are also many different types of insurance that cover the various risks. All of these also come at a variety of different prices.

Safely Insured works with a number of specialist insurance providers who understand that your livelihood rests on your ability to carry and deliver goods to clients. That’s why we have a range of different types of cover that range from third party to fully comprehensive. Whether you are a freelance courier or part of a franchise, you can speak to one of our specialists who will be able to advise you on the best policy and cover for your specific needs.

Haulage Insurance

If you require Haulage Insurance, please visit this page here: Haulage Insurance

Why Choose Courier Insurance from Safely Insured?

Choose Safely Insured for motorcycle insurance and you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Introductory and mirrored no claims bonuses
  • Excellent rates with our specialist underwriters
  • Monthly payment options
  • Immediate cover and documentation
  • Single vehicle and multiple vehicle policies
  • Exclusive rates for goods in transit and public liability covers
  • Discounted inner city rates
  • Convicted and accident history accepted
  • Expert hire and reward team
  • 24/7 claims helpline

Purchase Your Courier Insurance with Us Today

So, if you’re looking for courier insurance, whether you use a motorcycle, there’s no better service than Safely Insured. Call one of our specialists on 03303 331 255 and purchase yours today in a matter of minutes.

Insurance premiums for couriers tend to be higher to include this use. As you are on the road so often, it pays to have courier insurance that will protect you against every eventuality. If you use bike you’ll know how difficult it is to find affordable insurance.

Courier Motorcycle Insurance

There are different types of couriers and therefore, there are different types of courier insurance - cover particularly tailored for motorcycle couriers. The risks are slightly different and the insurance policy reflects these differences. For more cover details, talk to one of our courier insurance specialists.