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Japshow 2014

Japshow 2014
George Trout
  • On July 7, 2014

All things Japanese descended on Santa Pod this weekend for Japshow 2014 and another day of petrol fuelled carnage up and down the most famous strip in the UK, with aspirations of hitting that 10 second quarter mile.

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Dominated by stanced and cambered cars riding on air lift suspension, form over function was the call of the day with some beautifully smoothed off bodywork on show.



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Downforce in style – for those wanting grip, some big wings on show to give a helping hand to those with some serious power under their bonnet.


Speaking of rear ends – Fireforce was back at Santa Pod sporting its rather large turbine engine – Capable of hitting a ludacris 270mph!



Old Vs New – There seems to be a bit of a trend this year with these classics coming out on the road for the show season, there’s nothing quite like a classic Zed or Skyline to get us excited! A testament to those owners or renovators who keep these beautiful cars on the road for us to see.10488588_1430974900518308_1428876338_n

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But of course the newer cars stole the show:

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I’ve got no idea what do to when the show season ends! I’ll be heading to plenty more before the summer runs out though.

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