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Performance Cars | Modified Cars | Young and Learner Drivers | Safely Insured | May 29, 2024

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Temporary Insurance

Compare Temporary & Short Term Car Insurance

Comprehensive Cover from 1-28 Days
Five Simple Questions for Quote
For Drivers Aged 19 -75
Short Term Learner Drivers Cover for 17yrs+
Instant Online Cover

Compare Temporary Insurance Quotes

Do you want to make sure you are getting the best value temporary car insurance cover? To save you time trawling around different short term insurance websites, we have gathered a selection of the best options available for you to compare.

With a selection of temporary car insurance alternatives laid out in front of you, including, policy details and cover levels you can select your preferred option and proceed to that independent website to purchase cover.

Our temporary car and van products have their own independent websites and are backed by different insurance companies. We Search – You Save!

Why Would I Need Short Term Car Insurance?

Professor on Why Short Term Car Insurance Needed
There are many reasons when short term car insurance will be more beneficial to an annual policy.

(i) You may need to insure your car for an extra month at the end of your annual policy, for example, this could work out well if you were selling your car or getting rid of it – this can work out as a much more efficient way of keeping the car insured short term, rather than cancelling an annual policy which involves cancellation costs.

(ii) You may need to insure an additional driver for a short period, say for a mini-break. Online short term car insurance cover can do this quickly and efficiently for you, rather than going through the process of trying to add the driver to your main annual policy. Our temporary cover is Comprehensive, so you can relax knowing that the driver is properly insured.

(iii) The ‘Driving Other Cars’ extension offers limited cover. Some people have a ‘Driving Other Cars’ extension on their own insurance. This covers the policyholder only; not any additional named drivers. Should you be involved in an accident, the ‘Driving Other Cars’ extension would not cover any damage to your friend’s car – only the ‘third party’ involved. In contrast, if a short term insurance policy was taken out, this cover is comprehensive, meaning the vehicle is covered, even in the event of a fault accident.

Professor Comparing Short Term QuotesCompare Temporary & Short Term Car & Van Policies

So now you know all the benefits available with short term policies – how do you find out which are the best policies and the most competitively priced. Safely Insured Compare have brought a selection of the best policies in the temporary car insurance market and after entering just a few relevant bits of information, we can offer you a list of results from those policies. From there, it’s your choice to select the best option – and you can link through to the website of the individual short term product that most suits your requirements. It’s as simple as that!

And to make the process as straight forward as policy, we only require the minimal amount of information from you – and no personal information – to compare the quotes. The whole process of comparing the quotes should take roughly a minute.


One Day to One Month Car Insurance

We aim to take the hassle out of searching and can help you arrange a policy whether you’re looking for one day car insurance, or a longer period, with cover available for up to 28 days. Temporary cover can help with the following:

Temporary Additional Driver to allow friends or family to drive your car or van.
Short Term Insurance for an additional car or van.
Courtesy Car Cover for when your car is in for a service or repair.
Test Drive – for a car or van you are looking to buy.
Drive Away Cover – for a newly purchased vehicle.

The selection of policies available in our comparison site will give you an excellent overview – you can then select your choice and proceed from there.

Short Term Quotes Compared in SecondsShort Term Van Insurance

There are a number of reasons why you might need to insure a van for a single day or a week. Our comparison site has a selection of products offering temporary van insurance cover from 1-28 days…

This can be very helpful for when you are moving home or need to borrow a larger vehicle for a short period.

UK / EU / EEA Licence

We have products that can offer cover for drivers with a full UK, EU or EEA licence – held for the past 12 months and the driver would need to have been a UK resident during this time. Check with each individual insurer’s website for full details.

Temporary Insurance for Learner or Provisional Drivers

Learner Drivers often like to gain some extra practice in a parent’s or friend’s car in addition to taking driving lessons with an instructor – or sometimes have all their lessons with a parent. With the average learning period of several months, it works out more efficient to purchase short term learner drivers insurance as a separate policy. Not only is it cost efficient – it also prevents any accidents affecting the bonus of the main policy held by the vehicle owner. With this type of cover, it is imperative that the car is already insured by the owner and that policy is running for the full period of the temporary learner cover; as this is purely ‘top-up’ cover.

Additional Driver Cover

Sometimes, you may need to insure more than one temporary additional driver for the period of cover. Our comparison site has options available for this situation.

European Cover

If you are looking to extend your temporary insurance comprehensive cover whilst driving within the European Union, our comparison site has products that can offer you this cover. The vehicle must normally be based in the UK and have a valid Road Tax throughout the journey. Your trip must be of a ‘temporary’ nature and it has to start and end in the UK. The European Cover extension involves an additional premium from standard basic cover.

Full details of the specific terms for European Cover offered are detailed on each individual website if the option is available.


Courtesy Car Cover

If a garage supply’s you with a courtesy vehicle, but without supplying the insurance cover, some of our products will be able to cover this for you. See individual product websites for confirmation.

Drive Away Cover

Sometimes, when purchasing a new vehicle, you may need to arrange instant temporary insurance for driving home – this Drive Away cover can be purchased online using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. This short term cover can be helpful to cover the gap between buying the vehicle and getting insurance arranged on a more permanent basis.

Test Driving A Car?

If you are buying a car, you may wish to Test Drive this first. We realise that most people would like test drive insurance at short notice that can be arranged quickly – without the need for complicated forms – but still providing Comprehensive cover. Short Term Car insurance is the answer and can be purchased in minutes.

Excess Protection

Cover for the reimbursement of the policy excess you have paid when you have made a claim on your motor policy and whilst driving in the UK only.

This is an Add-on product for both cars and vans and can only be purchased at the same time as the actual insurance policy.

Full details of the specific terms for Excess Protection are detailed on each individual website where cover is available.


Motor Breakdown Service

Full details of the specific terms for Motor Breakdown cover offered are detailed on each individual website.

>Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery Service

Expert advice & help will be available in the event of an uninsured loss to claim. See the individual website of the selected product for full details. Below are some of the items that would be covered under this;

  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Injury Compensation
  • Vehicle Repair Costs
  • Replacement Vehicle Costs
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Damage to Personal Effects

Remember, the success of any claim is dependent on proving the third party was at fault.