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Drifting at Santa Pod

Drifting at Santa Pod
Sophie Cloud
  • On April 21, 2015

Last week Aimee, part of the Safely Insured Sales team and Gus, part of the Marketing team went drifting at Santa Pod Raceway, in Bedford.

They were involved in the practice day and got to meet a lot of highly skilled, professional drifters.


Aimee organised for professional drifter,  Richard ‘The Hunter’ Dalby-Smith to take her and Gus for a ride – and what a ride it was!

Nissan S13

Aimee took some pictures of the day. Pictured above is Richard’s Nissan S13, insured by Safely Insured.


Drifting: The Experience

Drifting at Santa Pod is a fun day out, full of thrills and excitement. Aimee commented; “Our first lap was quite nerve racking but as soon as we had done the first few laps we soon realised we were in safe hands. Not only were we passengers but we got to watch other drivers practising in lots of highly powered drift cars. Whilst out on track Richard was drifting along side and quite close to other professionals showing how well they are able to control the cars.

Here are some more pictures of the day:

Nissan S13 Drifting Nissan s13

Gus took a video from the day. Here it is:


How did the day come about?

Brake - Road Safety CharityA few weeks ago at Safely Insured, we had a ‘Promise Auction’. This involved each member of staff ‘promising’ to do or organise something and in return other members of staff would bid on their promises. All the money raised was donated to the charity, Brake. In addition to helping to promote road safety, Brake also supports victims and their families who have been affected by road traffic collisions.

For Aimee’s promise, she promised to organise for the highest bidder to go drifting at Santa Pod. She kept her promise and both her and Gus had an amazing day!

Aimee added; “Wednesday was a great day and both myself and Gus thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although we were covered in rubber. It will most certainly be an experience that we will both remember. We would like to say thank you to Richard for agreeing to take part and help us raise money for a very important cause.

To find out more about ‘Brake’ and what they do, you can visit their website