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A remarkable project from Driftworks: The DW86 build!

A remarkable project from Driftworks: The DW86 build!
Sophie Cloud
  • On January 23, 2018

Back in November 2017, Driftworks uploaded the ‘DW86 build’ video to their YouTube channel which received a lot of praise from fellow car enthusiasts. Especially those with a passion for drifting!

The video consists of the team sitting around a table taking part in an in-depth discussion. This discussion centres around their impeccable project build – the DW86 drift car. As you read on, you’ll understand that to build a drift car of this standard, to such a high spec, is no mean feat. It’s a job which requires courage, strength, perseverance, and motivation. You’ve constantly got to remain focused on the end goal – if you don’t, that’s when the passion starts to fade. And without passion, a job like this simply wouldn’t be possible, but with the help of Dynotorque, a legend was born!


For those of you who don’t know who Driftworks are, they are the largest drifting website, parts store, and forum, in the world! They’re pioneers in their field of drifting expertise! There’s a section on their website which reads: “We are proud to be part of the small group of friends that first established drifting in the UK and Europe”.

Those who founded Driftworks are not only drifting enthusiasts, they are professionals. In their own words, the website states: “The Driftworks Drift team is one of the most successful drift teams in Europe, headed by company director Phil Morrison,who has 2 championship titles and a host of runner up finishes in professional level drift competitions. Our stable includes cars such as the world famous Driftworks DW86, a V8 powered monster AE86 Corolla, various development and practice cars and the Driftworks 1JZ 560bhp Nissan Skyline.”

Safely Insured is proud to have been associated with the Driftworks team from the very beginning, sponsoring their cars at a large number of Drifting events throughout the years.

Driftworks: DW86

Now, back to the video… Driftworks and Dynotorque have done a great job at explaining exactly what they went through to finish the build project of the DW86, and we think they’ve done an awesome job! The LSX powered machine is energised by a whopping 7.4 litre engine – just, wow!

The video, detailing the build, contains many elements. As well as describing the transformation process from start to finish, it has Q&A’s throughout. The team have also given an account of the emotional side of the build, after all, when you put your heart and soul into a project, it would only be right to credit this when talking about it afterwards. Then you get the technical insights – these are just phenomenal. How educated can you be when it comes to cars? Pretty educated it would seem, these guys know exactly what they are doing!

There was also a lot of conversation centring around the modifications that were added to the 1986 AE86 Corolla. Just some of the modifications include:

  • Dailey Engineering Billit Dry Sump kit
  • Driftworks Cobra Sebring Pro
  • Driftworks Geomaster 3 Front knuckles
  • Driftworks Nardi Steering Wheel
  • Driftworks S13 CS2 Front Coilovers
  • Driftworks TRS Harness
  • Emerald ECU
  • MamoMotorsports valve train, camshaft & modified MSD Airbox
  • NASCAR spec Winters Axle
  • Nickson Motorsport cage & front and rear tube frame work
  • RHS 307cc heads
  • Work Wheels M1R 17×9 front and 18×10.5 rear custom made for the rear axle

Want to know more? Then watch the video for yourself…

The whole video is an interesting watch / listen. We particularly enjoyed the moment around 1:00:00 (into the video) where the car can be seen out on track, enjoying its new-found drifting capabilities. After this, around 1:01:00, they describe the anti-roll bar they fitted. They compare its styling to one of the biggest names in the business – NASCAR. We all know, that as soon as you say NASCAR, you’re talking about a whole other level!

Then, it was time to really put the car into action. Here’s a photo from the DW86 doing its thing at the BDC (round 1)…

Driftworks - BDC

Well done Driftworks and Dynotorque. What a great all-round effort from everyone! A job completed with passion, is a job done well!

For more information about the build, you can scroll through the Driftworks thread. For more information about Driftworks themselves, visit the Driftworks website.

Driftworks DW86

Photo credits: Driftworks

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