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Ford Fair 2014

Ford Fair 2014
George Trout
  • On August 4, 2014

The sun was out and Silverstone was the destination for my weekend as thousands (literally) of immaculate Fords descended on our famous race circuit! IMG_6336The Ford Owners really do know how to put on a show and more so, know how to modify their cars. With Silverstone being such a huge venue I was somewhat surprised to see so many immaculate vehicles in one place….It all started out in the car park, with hundreds of cars that looked like they could quite easily be presented on a club stand inside the venue – you just know its going to be a good day when it starts before you get in through the gate!IMG_6326

I love the stealth finish …IMG_6289

There was a great turn out from the traders, all of which take their business’ very seriously and some of their demo cars really did steal the show!IMG_6317 IMG_6316IMG_6315IMG_6138KMS Motorsport arrived with not one but two – My daughter couldn’t decide which of these were her favourite!IMG_6139Revo, SCC Performance and Mountune naturally sprang up everywhere you looked!IMG_6303IMG_6332

“Orange Street” was a dedicated area….IMG_6312 IMG_6310

I found myself strangely drawn to this flamethrower…I count myself lucky when I catch some flames kicking out of an exhaust on camera but this took it to another level with the exhaust flame kit.IMG_6301

IMG_6342 IMG_6278

Camo vinyls are definitely making a come back, I’ve seen them run on some Jap cars at the British Drift Competition but a handful of the Fords have take the same path with great effect! I didn’t think it would be long before Ken Block’s Hoonigan Brand showed up!IMG_6240  IMG_1405 IMG_1403


A few cheeky classics, didn’t look out of place what so ever – The Mexico is one of my all time favourites!IMG_6328 IMG_6270

IMG_6305 IMG_6028

As we move onto the next generation, another of my favourites, the Escort Cosworth and its iconic whaletail..IMG_6331

IMG_6287 IMG_1395

Gold clad Sierra RS500 – Caught a lot of attention – besides being a rare car, its gold engine bay really set off the day and set a high standard for others to follow!IMG_6291 IMG_6108

IMG_6327 IMG_6286

And there were of course the show stoppers, below one of a handful Ford GT’s, I love the way the supercharger hangs out the rear window!IMG_6300  IMG_1443IMG_6339 IMG_6293

And of course, The 700 BHP Ford Mustang Hellcat. This is only one of three in Europe at this moment in time and stopped nearly everyone in their tracks. Seriously excited about seeing this I took a walk round (whilst fighting off the crowds) and was in awe of this vehicle. We all knew it would be something special but I just can’t explain how imposing it is. Sadly they didn’t fire it up whilst I was there but it took a few minutes before I picked my jaw up off the floor!IMG_6159

IMG_1445 IMG_6160

I almost feel sympathy for the RS200 which played second fiddle to the Mustang on the day but I took great pleasure in spending a few minutes looking over it in detail – you simply won’t get many opportunities to see one of these in the flesh – Ken Blocks dream car apparently! IMG_1479

 IMG_1480It turned out to be an amazing day, the Ford owners out there did their manufacturer proud! As I left after spending most of the day, people were still coming in though the gates…IMG_6089

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